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[sticky post][Sticky: Introduction Post: Free-For-All] The Welcoming Party
Best. Simile. Ever.
So it seems you just arrived in this place.

Just what have you gotten yourself into?Collapse )

Welcome aboard.

[Wesker+Jill+Chris+Claire+Leon+Excella+Krauser+AdaWTF] All the distractions kill the compassion
suddenly fame has lost its attractionCollapse )

I swore I would not go there, but I have.

I have made a transgenicprose-themed FMV.

But before we get to it, let me tl;dr a couple things:

First off, this was inspired largely by a semi-recent conversation with Tao about how, RP-wise, men are terribly inconsistent in Tifa's and Jill's lives -- and when I kept hearing this song on the radio, long story short, I decided to do a kinda goofy video about how awesome the ladies of TP are while showing how mean, irritating, and/or useless their men are (...for the most part BD).

Secondly, A TRILLION LESS-THAN-THREES TO MY SISTERS, who let me borrow their bigger/better/faster computer to do this, which saved me a lot of time, stress, and tears.

Finally, my goal here was to include as many past and present TP muses as possible, primarily females -- and while I started out figuring I could easily include anyone with an onscreen canon, I ended up actually planning parts of the video more completely than I thought and running short on time, SO, to sum it up, there are a few characters I didn't get to include. ;; But hey, I did what I could with what I was given, aight.

Oh, and if you hate country music, too bad. |D

SO, without further ado

LyricsCollapse )

Cast/sources (best to read after watching)Collapse )

[AU: Jill, Chris, Wesker] You're not my favorite mistake; you're just a simple regret
Gun it up, At the ready
I thought I knew who you were, but watch how fast and watch how well I forgetCollapse )

[OOC: Muse Lists]
Dorky!Peter is love.
If you'd like, you can post a comprehensive list of all the muses you currently play here. Just copy/paste the html below (or do your own) and comment with the info.

[NOTICE] More bandwagon-hopping, modly details and things
So, since this box has kind of developed from "a storage-like place to toss up random threads and logs that don't fit anywhere else" to that PLUS being almost a mini-game of its own in that we've more or less established a setting and general (random) premise, I figured I'd toss us all a few more bones.

1) First off, the issue of communication between characters. Up to now, it's been the basic, old-school style of anyone-can-post-as-they-like -- and TP will continue to have that, of course, but for the sake of quickie posts and lazy people like me who don't want to and/or can't commit to a whole big POST post all the time, I've decided to adopt that fad that we see in games a lot: communication devices capable of video/audio/text posts, filtered or unfiltered. Picture any smartphone of your choice -- we'll say they just appeared one day, conveniently without instructions, so anyone from early eras should have a fun time figuring them out. |D New characters can receive/find them shortly after arriving. Obviously, the catch is that they can't call home with them.

AS ALWAYS, this is optional, and just a little quirky thing I thought I'd throw in to try and make the place more interesting as well as provide peeps a manner of doing their own thing when I'm lagging in tags and sorely neglecting them.

2) I went and fixed up the comm's profile page, and I created a post (or I will, rather, shortly after posting this one) for muse lists. Optionally, you can comment there and list the entirety of your muses currently present at TP for reference plus it just looks neat and pretty that way -- and since LJ now allows free members to edit their comments, you can even do the nifty thing of going back and adding/removing muses from your list without necessarily deleting and reposting.

3) I went and added more details (including the communications thing) to the Intro Post, just to give TP-ville a more rounded feel. DO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, because your opinions are obvs valued since you people make this place exist. :'D

SO. Pretty straightforward. Suggestions/questions/input/etc. always encouraged, of course.

[Leon + Claire] And the day, the good times like sands slip through our fingers
And somewhere the reaper's counting out our hours, but it's all rightCollapse )

You guuuuuuys.

Nothing like a holiday filled with sugar and the spirit of terror to really make a guy feel appreciated.

Oh, heck, you know what this calls for?

Group hug.

Come on, that means everybody -- yeah, all seventy other people watching this place, plus the few kids who haven't committed yet. Manly, emotional hugs all around, and those who don't participate get their dorm rooms TP'd. Ahaha, get it? TP? ...Like the... oh, come on, that was a good one.

[Free for All] There's no reason to run, although I may.
Like a gaydar only completely different.

I think it's about time for a new post around here. Thus, I present to you:

~The Morning After Meme~
{stolen from fountainofcod}

Your character has just had a night filled with wild, crazy, drunken partying. Inhibitions were lost, and good times were had by all; it's really too bad they can't remember any of it. They find themselves waking up in a posh hotel suite in very unmade bed, feeling peaceful and oddly refreshed (or hellishly hungover, your choice). There's just one problem—who is that next to them?!

❥ Post with your character in bed: asleep, awake, fully clothed, in the buff, in their P.J.s, in someone else's clothes, all totally up to you. …And yes, this time you DO actually have to leave a comment for each separate character you want involved—no muse lists!
❥ Other characters will respond as your character's bedmate.
❥ The two discover each other, and flailing and shenanigans ensue. (Whether or not they actually did anything other than sleep and/or cuddle a bit = up to the players--just make sure you both agree on what happened!)
❥ ?????

[...Just an FYI, humour is the point of this post rather than smut. "Stuff" might've happened the night before so long as both parties agree on that, but in present time, let's just have fun and keep it clean!]

[Random thing] Ohh, oh -- oh those su~mmer n~ights! ...and days.
Dorky!Peter is love.
Initially, this was intended as a playground post locked to some newcomer players, but after typing up these threads, I decided what the hey, I'll make them public and open to whoever. For the most part. Why not.


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