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Best. Simile. Ever.
its_game_time wrote in transgenicprose
So it seems you just arrived in this place.

What place? Well. This place. There's no other place, after all. Except when there is. There's no sign welcoming you, no official-looking authority standing around to ask for directions. You're just here, in this place, and how you arrived is anyone's guess; everyone who's come to stay -- and, oddly enough, hasn't left since -- has a different recollection on how he or she got here. Hazy memories of a train, a cab, instant teleportation, or even simply waking up -- sometimes from death in the last case.

But whatever the reason, however the method, you're here now. transgenicprose. Home of a patchwork population with no official name or leader. It's a pretty basic area, easy to get around -- it has all you'd need to get by and then some. There's no real layout to the grounds, as they seem to shift accordingly and alter with the seasons (and the strange, spontaneous events that occur now and again) with no visible reasoning, but you can usually find whatever you want to find. Except for an exit. Trying to simply walk out of here somehow ends with you ending up right back where you started.

If you walk enough, however, you may find yourself wandering into a new place entirely, and one that may or may not look familiar. Turns out this place decided to address the issue of homesickness by duplicating portions of people's homes and placing them on the edges of the town. Explore, and you may walk into someplace widely recognized: New York City, for example. Walk a little further and you might cross over into the virus-ridden Raccoon City; beyond that, Zaphias, Daath, Iselia, Tokyo, Hueco Mundo, a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, Hell itself, who knows? The people here come from strange worlds, you know.

Each of these places also hosts a number of people who never manage (or care) to cross the dimensional boundaries into the other areas: Meltokio citizens, for example, going about their day-to-day lives, or some of those Raccoon City zombies. Read: we have NPCs. It's just enough to remind you that while it may look, feel, sound, and smell like your home, it technically isn't. But we can only do so much.

And don't worry: in the middle of all these areas, you'll always come right back to the town that you first arrived in.

So congratulations, you're now part of the population. Or will be as soon as you settle in. But before you go getting to know your neighbors, you might first want to dry off.

Oh, right. It should be mentioned: however you arrived, you find yourself dropped rather abruptly in the middle of the lake on the outskirts of this place. A small lake, but a deep lake nonetheless near its center. There's a single dock with a few rowboats tied to it and a rather out-of-place stack of towels on its edge (which may or may not be there from day to day, as they're only present out of the kindness of a few residents' hearts and frequently need replacing), and whether anyone's nearby to help you is a matter of chance -- although there's often someone loitering about.

Shortly after arriving, you'll also be sure to find a complimentary gift: one of those new smartphones, brand new and shiny and in perfect working order. Everyone here has one (whether you want it or not, it has a habit of turning up even when you throw it away), providing a convenient means of communication between the people here. Video, audio, and text can all be used; just be careful, as they tend to have a mind of their own on occasion and may turn on when you least expect (or want) them to. Sadly, you can't call back to your homeworld with them. So sorry.

Oh, and if you're not familiar with technology? Sorry about that, too. No instruction manual. Maybe someone will help you out if you ask nicely.

So once you've overcome your official TP hazing, consider yourself a member of the club. Just play nice (or not), respect your fellow inmates occupants (optional), and stay out of the laboratory unless you have a license (recommended, but those doors are rarely locked, anyway). Pick out a room in the dormitory building, take a look at the shops in the marketplace -- the latter of which, by the way, are run by a peculiar group. It turns out that there is a breed of natives to this universe, a few dozen individuals who have taken it upon themselves to run the stores and some of the other buildings that require maintenance.

How can you tell natives from the arrivals? Simple. The natives are, in a word, robotic: never varying in personality or even really behavior, these men and women seem to have been cast from a mold -- literally. One might notice that on the whole, there are only a handful of different faces among this group: they are, for the most part, a mass of clones. Oddly, they're never seen outside of the marketplace; once night falls, the stores close and the employees are simply gone, and where they go, who knows? Not to the residential area.

But it's nothing you should worry about. For now.

Welcome aboard.

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That's how Fai D. Flowright enters the scene. Not so unusual, really, since making an entrance can be fun. And Fai likes to have fun. Especially when it's mostly harmless but still at someone else's expense. In his current situation--in the middle of the lake, well in over his head--he's more the brunt of the joke, if there is one. Of course, with the way he and his companions were world-hopping, this sort of experience isn't so strange, really.

So while the water is cold enough that his first impulse was to take a startled breath (not a good idea underwater), he fights it back and simply lets himself float for a moment, feeling his body slowing, the bubbles that had surrounded him on his sudden submersion scattering, spreading out enough that he see, sort of. It looks like he's the only one here...

He lets himself hang weightless in the water for a second or two more, then gives a lazy kick towards the surface. Despite the way his lungs are starting to burn, he doesn't panic, doesn't propel himself upwards any faster.

What will be will be. But he knows he'll make it to the surface in time. With his luck, that's the only real possibility.]

[2/2] Oh Sasu-chii~ UR BFF FAI IS HERE~

[And sure enough, he breaks through into clear, fresh air well before his eyesight grows fuzzy and black at the edges. Taking a few slow, generous breaths, he blinks, then swipes some water out of his eyes as he looks around, keeping himself afloat with an irregular half-hearted kick or swish of his arms.

The others are nowhere to be seen...though that doesn't mean they're not here somewhere. They usually are, after all.

The wizard's eyes settle on the dock and the towels, and after casting one more brief, deceptively casual-seeming glance at his surroundings, he swims for the pier, his strokes sure and strong (experienced), but unhurried.]

You have NO idea how excited he is, for srs

[On the frequent walks Sasuke tends to take, he always makes sure to make his way past the lakeside, if only for a glance that he'll never admit is curious well, not to most people, anyhow. He happens to be within sight of the water when he slows and stops, watching -- the figure's obviously not having any trouble, so then his next priority is determining whether he recognizes it.

...Which... he can't say for sure either way at this distance, but it's not as if he knows many blondes, anyway. He remains where he is, his gaze fixed but his expression blank as he watches the newcomer.]


[Fai's semi-blank expression stays in place as he hauls himself up onto the dock, ditches the coat he'd been wearing, and takes a towel to start rubbing his hair dry. After a moment, the feeling of being watched prompts him to turn his head to the side, his eyes still rather dull and hollow looking...

...And then his expression shifts with an almost startling abruptness into a bright (too bright, really) smile, because oh my, what's this? A Kurogane clone? This young man has the same sort of appearance, the same dark hair and humourless mien, seems to favour a vaguely similar sort of clothing, and he carries himself like a fighter; even if he hadn't had that sword thrust through his belt, Fai would've known the stoic-looking teen was a swordsman.

Which very possibly makes him dangerous--not that that matters to Fai. He's pretty dangerous himself, after all. So Fai's smile only widens a bit as he gives an expansive wave and calls out to Sasuke cheerfully:]

Hello there~! I don't suppose you could tell me where exactly this place is, could you?

[Without Mokona, he might not be able to communicate here at all, but it didn't hurt or cost him anything to be friendly. And the sooner he got to whatever passed for civilisation here on this world, the sooner he'd be likely to find the others.]



[His expression and posture don't change; he's still half-turned towards the path was he was about to take, making no sign of preparing to stop and chat. He's only speaking because he was addressed.] No one knows where this is. A lot of people have arrived, but no one's been able to leave. The best guess is that it's some kind of crossroad.

Hee. I thought you might like that. :3

Hmm~ A place with no name? How mysterious!

[Fai gives up on toweling himself dry--his clothes are too heavy, and absorbed too much water for that to work. So he drapes the towel he'd used around his neck, snatches up his rarther fluffeh ♥ still-dripping coat, and walks towards Sasu-tanke.]

Speaking of names, mine is Fai D. Flowright! [And since this guy seems like Kurogane Mr. Black Big Puppy the type to need a little prompting--] What's yours? You might as well tell me, since we're stuck here together forever~

It is delightful. XD

[His head turns slightly at the name. Fai. Why is that...


...Ah. The memory's buried in one he tries not to think about if he can, but he's pretty certain.

He'd call it coincidence elsewhere, but here, no. Not to mention he's starting to understand that sense of deja vu.]
Uchiha Sasuke.

[Naturally, that's the most Fai's getting without further prompting.]

[Fai catches that faint spark of recognition--and oh, but this one is just WAY too much like Kurogane for him to resist. He makes something of a snap judgment here, in more ways than one, and puts most of his cards on the table.]

Nice to meet you, Sasu-chii! ♥ But it looks like you've heard my name somewhere before. [He taps his chin with a finger, though his eyes don't leave Sasuke.] Where might that have been, I wonder~?







[ Let's just pretend that this little gal started fluttering her tiny little wings before hitting the surface. Because, irony of ironies, despite Silvermist being a Water Talent Fairy, her wings don't actually work when they're wet. And it's a long swim from the middle of the lake for someone who's about three inches tall.

In any case, as positive as she can think, nothing around here looks particularly familiar. And there's no sign of anyone with a familiar face. In fact, there are no faces around, furry or otherwise, that might be able to help. Not even fish (that she can see) in said lake.

Well... she's certainly not in Pixie Hollow anymore...

[Many might mistake that small shadow and flutter of wings for something else -- a dragonfly, maybe, skimming the surface of the lake -- and going by sight alone, Trish might likely make the same assumption. But the flicker of life that she senses is most definitely not an animal -- but not human, either, or even demon. Not half-demon, either. Hm.

So yes, attention is definitely 110% caught. Standing near the lake shore, she doesn't bother shielding her eyes against the sun as she looks out despite the heavy glare on the water. Still, it's difficult for even her eyes to pinpoint such a small point of interest amid the bright afternoon rays, so her call is just in the general direction of the lake's center.]

Well, well. Aren't you an interesting one? [And while she can come off as a bit of a creeper when she tries at times... the tone is entirely nonthreatening. Unlike the twin guns on her waist but hey it's not like she's reaching for them. A little teasing because that's How She Rolls, but yeah, she's not aiming for creepy.]

[ She's in the process of touching down on the peer when the voice catches her attention... and she then darts off to the nearest hiding place... which is pretty much the nearest blade of grass. Because back in Pixie Hollow, it was forbidden to have contact with humans. And on first appearances, this woman did seem to be just that.

But short of being fearful, Silvermist is also curious if not cautious. So after a few moments of hiding and waiting to make sure the woman's left, she'll be peeking out from behind said blade, very carefully and very hesitantly. Creepy or not, human-looking thingss are human-looking thingss.

Nada mucho. Trying to survive all the boring peeps 'round these parts.

[She turns her head slightly in the direction that this little life form flees, but doesn't give chase fortunately, she's above just blasting things for a reaction these days; she doesn't even move, except to link her fingers and idly stretch her arms over her head.] I don't bite, you know. Not much.

[Curiosity or not, she's still here to just enjoy the nice sight (for lack of better activities), so her movements and attention are a bit absent for a minute as she walks a little way along the shore, all but ignoring the new arrival's presence and seeming to forget her. She doesn't look over when she speaks again.]

That's a pretty little bit of magic on you. You could make a lady jealous. [It's more "pure" than "pretty" compared to what she's used to sensing -- as well as what she gives off herself -- but eh, it's pretty, too.] It's the first like it around here.

Sho' nuff, sho' nuff, i hear ya

[ Carefully, she'll peek out from behind that blade she's using as a hiding spot. Because bite or not, she certainly can fit in your mouth, well enough. But that little comment about magic has certainly caught Sil's attention. And then comes the one about being her being the first, which draws her interest enough for her to step out fully and inquire about it. ]

You... you mean the other's aren't here? Tinkerbell? Rosetta? ...Fawn, even?

[ ...And just like with humans, possibly, when she talks, all Trish will hear are the tiny tinkles of a bell. Because apparently, that's what sound they make in Disney canon when they speak. But at least this girl is willing to play charades and smile unlike Miho. 8D ]

Obvs. there needs to be having a party in this place.

[She looks back at that, eyebrow raised. Well, that's a new one. And now that the little one's gone and stepped out into the open, Trish can make a half-decent judgment call.]

Sorry, sweetie. Fairy isn't my native language.

[ Realization dawns and for a moment, she's glancing around for some sort of help in explaining. But then... there is a lake nearby. SO! In a slightly more perky attitude, the little fairy zips near the water's edge. And with a few sweeps of her arms and a swirl of dust over the water, she creates small water figures of her friends.

Flying halfway up to Trish, Silvermist points down at the figures and then to herself.
] My friends. Have you seen them?

[ Tinkle tinkle tinkle. ]

[Ahh, so that's it. Trish perches her cheek against two fingers thoughtfully.] I get you. Sorry to say I haven't seen anyone like that, though. It's mostly humans around here.

[ Deflates a little. She was hoping... ] Well... at least I know they're safe in Pixie Hollow. [ Glances around. ] Who knows what this place is. Or what it might do to fairies.

[ Finally turns back to Trish. And in flying up to face-level, she cups her hands together and gives a very tiny little bow in thanks. ] Thank you for your help.

......Hey Sasuke, there's someone here now who you should *definitely* meet.

Though he has only spare seconds to react between his sudden appearance over the lake and actually hitting the water, it proves to be enough for Kurapika. His right hand darts out reflexively, blurring with the speed of the motion, and a chain with a metal ball on the end whips out and wraps around the straight board that passes as a seat in one of the rowboats. The blonde Hunter hauls on the chain hard, pulling himself towards the boat as much as he's pulling the boat towards himself, and he lands on that wooden seat lightly, with the easy sort of balance possessed only by acrobats and highly-trained martial artists.

Judging by the way his next move is to fall into a ready stance as he swiftly scans the quiet surroundings, the latter is the more likely explanation.

What is this place? And how did I get here? Though he's careful to keep a hard, composed look on his face, in all honesty Kurapika is feeling decidedly disconcerted. The possibility that probably makes the most sense is that he'd been caught by another Nen-user, one whose abilities allowed him or her to imprison their victim in some sort of psychic projection...and yet, he can't sense anyone using Nen, and there's no way he could overlook the amount of effort and energy something like this would require.

Running through further possible explanations is a large part of what's on Kurapika's mind as he uncoils that chain, then flings it at the dock and starts to pull the boat back into its original place. His eyes don't ever stop moving, though, because if this is a trap somehow...well, he's made himself known to some very powerful enemies of late, and it won't do to let them catch him off-guard.


It's occurred to Sasuke more than once that he should probably not bother with passing the lake like he does -- and it is an intentional effort, considering it's a good deal out of the way of the main town. Nothing else is this far out, either, so he can't fool even himself by pretending to be scouting out another landmark.

It's occurred to him more than once that he shouldn't, because it only lands him in company he doesn't want half the time. That, and he isn't the best welcoming party, either. He can deliver the facts easily enough -- We don't know where this is, or who brought us here, or how to get out, or why the strange things happen like they do. You're screwed like the rest of us. Don't follow me. -- but there are more than a few people present, the women particularly, who are a lot better at it and much more willing than Sasuke. Even if a newcomer is stupid enough to not walk a few yards and see the town in the distance, they won't be completely lost for long. Someone will show up to help them eventually.

All the same, there is the chance -- a small chance, probably, especially with how diluted the population has become lately in terms of relations among the inhabitants -- that someone he knows, or knew, could show up. More specifically, there is a small chance that someone he knows and actually wants to see could show up. The number of people who qualify for the latter category can be counted on one hand, but regardless, it's possible.

That's why Sasuke passes the lake, again, and this time pauses as a presence catches his eye.

Unfamiliar. Male. A half-second of Sharingan on, Sharingan off reveals that the stranger's most likely human, or something close enough to it.

The speed of the stranger's movements, the obviously well-trained reflexes aren't lost on Sasuke -- but neither do they impress him. Anything below shinobi standards isn't worth taking note of, period; even those above that standard have to be considerably something to earn his regard, and these days that bar has risen to an arrogantly high level.

Simply put, one would have to be an obvious threat to him to catch his attention.

Even so, he doesn't move on right away. He's in plain sight, after all, and doing so would only likely earn a call from the stranger. So Sasuke lingers, relaxed, still a good distance from but within calling range of the lakeshore, observing the newcomer with a blank look.

HAHAAAAAH WHAT NOW?! (Also, icons for this account are a WIP, srry for the lack of pretty :[)

Kurapika had felt the weight of someone's gaze on him, even if he couldn't directly sense their presence, and since that someone was standing in plain sight, it doesn't take long for the Nen-user's brown eyes to settle on the other teen. Inwardly he tenses, but outwardly he doesn't allow himself to react, other than a slight, brief widening of his eyes; he continues to calmly pull himself towards the dock, his full attention seemingly back on the task at hand, though he keeps careful watch on the motionless stranger in his peripheral vision.

While he could simply leap from the boat onto the dock, leaving the boat to drift freely around the lake, Kurapika is far too anal OCD let's be kind and go with courteous and considerate to do something like that. In any case, he isn't the type to show off his skills when there's an unknown quantity so nearby. So instead, he goes about things like a normal person, climbing out of the boat (with more grace than most, perhaps) and kneeling to re-tie it loosely to the dock. Only then does he turn to face Sasuke fully, meeting that dark-eyed gaze head-on.

If this had happened before he'd met Gon and the others, he would have simply given the raven-haired stranger a flat, evaluating glare before silently turning away and heading down the narrow dirt path in the opposite direction. He'd been far more abrupt, even a little snobbish, icily reserved and more inclined towards being rude not so long ago; it was funny how much someone could change in just a little more than a year, and how much of that change could be ascribed to one person in particular.

Of course, friends couldn't completely replace family, not really, not even if they were nakama, but...simply knowing that he wasn't alone in the world, that he had been blessed with good friends who cared about him deeply enough to risk their lives for him and alongside him...that had changed him somewhat. He couldn't be as completely coldhearted as he'd originally become since That Day anymore, and it didn't cost him anything to be polite, as he'd been raised to be.

Besides, one caught more flies with honey than vinegar.

"Excuse me," he says, giving the observing stranger a small, not-quite smile. "I apologise for the imposition, but if you don't mind, would you tell me the name of this country?"

B( (pfffffffff, please, Cress's icons are like... pffft.)

Sasuke doesn't move as the newcomer reels himself in -- he just watches, that blank, bored looking never shifting an inch. Even after the expected question is asked, he doesn't respond right away; it's not an arrogant delay as much as it is a fleeting consideration of just what kind of response to give. If someone arrives and stares at Sasuke like he's some kind of alien, his answer is just a short, believe-it-or-not-it-doesn't-matter-to-me reality check. If they seem a little more levelheaded like this one, Sasuke's not so impatient -- even if he's just as apathetic.

"This place doesn't have a name. No one knows exactly where it is, either." He gives half a glance over his shoulder, back towards town. "It's been the same for everyone who ends up here: people arrive with no memory of how or why. We can't find a way out, and no one's bothered telling us their purpose in bringing us here."

He looks back at the stranger, his voice and expression still the same shade of nonchalant -- a voice and expression that say that he's stated his piece, putting the information out there to be criticized or disregarded or whatever else. He's decent enough to pass the information along, but it's not his responsibility to make sure it gets through.

"Believe me or not, it's the truth. You'll get the same story no matter who you ask."

Kurapika's eyes move in the same direction as the dark-haired stranger's when he glances towards the town, though they return to the other teen soon enough, dark eyes meeting equally dark eyes. He notes that tone and that body language, and determines that this person is not lying, at least as far as he knows--or else he's an extremely talented liar. Kurapika has a way of determining which option is the truth (two ways, really), but this isn't important enough to require either. Instead, he continues to steadily meet that flat, impassive stare.

"You have my thanks for the information, but you'll have to forgive me if I don't believe everything you say as easily as that. However, I won't say that I think what you've told me is impossible, incredible as it sounds." What reason would this stranger have to tell such a fantastic lie, after all? If it was his intention to mislead or waylay newcomers, he would have said something more easily believable that wouldn't arouse suspicion, then offered to act as a guide, lulling his victim into a false sense of security with fake friendliness. No, Kurapika thinks to himself, this person is far too obviously standoffish to be trying anything like that.

A small, brief, utterly mirthless smile crosses the blonde Nen-user's face, and he can't prevent his eyes from going a little harder. "In any case, there are individuals with unbelievable powers who could easily create a world exactly like the one you've described."

Then the smile is gone and his gaze loses some of the sharp edge, his tone considering and contemplative. "Still, even so, there must be a way to escape--some flaw or weakness in the design. Finding it, or simply recognizing it for what it is in the first place would be the real trick."

As in most things, Kurapika's response has a purpose behind it--a few purposes, really. First, it was only polite to respond to the other teen's statements, especially since he'd been gracious enough to answer Kurapika's request for information. Second, information-sharing. If this other person was truly stuck here as well and had been for a considerable time, perhaps a fresh perspective could bring something useful to light. Third, and chiefly, it was test. Depending on this dark-haired stranger's reaction to his words, Kurapika would know if he was the one behind this supposed pocket-dimension world or not. If he was too interested, too intense or flustered or flattered by the things Kurapika had said, or conversely if he wasn't interested in the least, it would cast a fair amount of suspicion on him. Like a criminal returning to the scene of a crime or inserting himself into the ensuing investigation, he wouldn't be able to hide some sort of guilty reaction. And if that was the case...Kurapika would have to use certain methods of ascertaining the truth. He had no intention of allowing himself to be trapped; not at a time like this.

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While Sasuke doesn't voice it, there's some default respect, if that's what it can be called, for the fact that the newcomer doesn't believe everything he says. If he did, it'd mean he was either gullible, stupid, or pretending to be both.

The disbelief regarding an exit, however, is an old patience wearing thin on Sasuke's part. He's searched this place as well as he's able -- which, in his opinion, is saying something -- and while there are some odd and even useless ones among the residents, there are also some pretty capable individuals who have done their share of investigating. The topic's been addressed again and again, and while Sasuke hasn't given up on finding a way out, he's nonetheless tired of hearing the same propositions over and over again.

So normally he would shoot down the guesswork and go on his way -- but the fact that this arrival has at least acknowledged the possibility of what he's been told, and even called it possible, has caught Sasuke's notice, slightly. He watches the other for a couple more beats, considering, and then decides he might as well pool their ideas; he has nowhere to be, anyway, and it can't hurt.

"The main town is made up of a market and some other buildings," he begins, figuring an idea of the layout will make an explanation easier. "It's where most choose to stay. Beyond that, it's mostly forest. A lot of us have tried going through it, but somehow we always end up back where we started. No one's found the end of it yet."

Sasuke hasn't found a satisfactory answer for that puzzle just yet, either. His best guess is that it's some kind of genjutsu, but that fact that his eyes can't see through it is...

...unsatisfactory, to say the least.

"There are some roads that go through it. From what I've gathered, the places they lead to look like locations that some of the people here recognize. Reconstructions, you could call them. Made to look exactly like the real thing."

He pauses for a moment, letting that sink in. It's the less crazy-sounding of the two topics he chose not to mention at first, at least.

"Those are the basics of this place," he goes on, still in that flat tone. "Wherever the way out is, it's hidden well. That's assuming it's even accessible by the rest of us."

Because it is new-guy time, wth why not

[The sight, at first glance, isn't too unusual. A man's standing on the dock, a tall guy in a long (and currently soaked) coat; if he notices all the additional weight that the water's putting on him, he's not making it obvious.

Upon closer inspection... okay, maybe the sight isn't so normal. Perceptive ones might quickly notice that the frames over his eyes aren't the usual frames of usual sunglasses -- there's nothing holding them on, actually. They seem to simply be a part of his skin, although no lenses can currently be seen.

One might also notice his eyes giving off a faint green glow. Or the numerous scars on his face. Or that his hands are a synthetic black, a stark contrast with what skin can be seen above his neck.

The man doesn't look particularly surprised or even confused by his surroundings. If anything, he looks... annoyed as he glances up and down the shore, as if searching for something.]

One rude welcoming after another. Just my luck.

[He rolls a shoulder absently, the motion silent except for the light shifting of his coat.] No welcoming party, even.

[A grunt, and then his voice lowers into a murmur that's not really meant to be overheard.] Maybe it's the genuine article this time.

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