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[Random thing] Ohh, oh -- oh those su~mmer n~ights! ...and days.
Dorky!Peter is love.
its_game_time wrote in transgenicprose
Initially, this was intended as a playground post locked to some newcomer players, but after typing up these threads, I decided what the hey, I'll make them public and open to whoever. For the most part. Why not.

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LOCKED to the AA ladies |D

[As soon as you step into the rec room, you'll pick up on a second presence -- mainly by the blaring TV sound (a rhythmic WAKKA WAKKA WAKKA with occasional bloops in between), secondarily by a low curse here and there.

Seated on the couch with an XBox 360 controller in hand, Luke's pounding madly at the analog stick, tilting sharply from side to side now and again as he... plays Ms. Pac-Man on the Hi-Def TV over there. If you watch long enough, you'll notice that his lifespan onscreen averages about fifteen seconds. Thirty at the max.]

Almost, almost--


Aw, come on! He was still blue!

[Sigh. NEW GAME, START. >|]

Heeeeyy, here's Luke a Lady Friend. =D ...If I can do her right.

[Deep in thought, Mia doesn't really notice the noise from the other room until she's standing right by the doorway. The Wakka Wakka Wakka-ing, along with the sign of someone else's presence, makes her take a look inside the room, and...

...she's not sure what she's looking at.]

[He leads Ms. Pac-Man around the board twice -- panicking at least once when Pinky cuts it a little too close -- before he realizes he's not alone anymore. He glances over his shoulder, double-takes in surprise, takes a sharp right turn by mistake -- and runs right into Clyde without realizing. 8C] Oh--

[OH CRAP he lost again. >| Ah, well. He turns back to the stranger.] Uh--hi.

[......Howlonghasshebeenstandingthere. ._.] Oh -- it's not too loud, is it? [He couldn't figure out how to turn it down, all right.]

...........I need to play Turnabout Memories again...

[Come to think of it, upon hearing the "blooping" of Ms. Pac-Man's defeat, Mia slightly recalls hearing that sound quite a bit when she was in the hall...]

Huh? Oh! Uh, no. Not really...

(Though it is pretty loud...)

Oh, um... You are...?


[Standing in the room also is Kay, who has been watching him since sneaking walking in about eight minutes ago, grinning at his Ms. Pac-Man fail, not that she'd be any better at it.

But, after noticing how fixed he is on his game, she'll be sneaking up behind(?) him, being mindful not to make too much noise, although the blaring Wakka Wakka Wakka makes that pretty easy. Upon reaching her destination, however, she places one hand on the back of the couch, and snatches the XBox controller from him with the other, quickly pulling it out of arm's reach.]

--! Hey! [He spins in place on the couch and makes a grab for the controller -- which is out of reach. He's frowning, but the look's replaced with one of surprise as he catches sight of the stranger's face because females ALWAYS get this reaction in things:

A girl?

...But then he recovers and the frown's back.]
You're going to get me killed!

[...Yeah, the WOOP WOOP WOOP behind him confirms that. |D]

[Sports by yourself really aren't that fun, but eh, what else can you do on a lonely late morning?

Over in the high-school-esque gymnasium, Claire's busied herself by setting up at one end of the room a soccer net she found in the supply closet. She's switched to a tank top and shorts, and the physical exercise is showing: she's panting slightly as she moves along a row of soccer balls, racing and zigzagging across the floor with one before kicking it into the net and moving back for the next.]

[...You can go for a walk.

Which X did, though it's more aimless wandering than anything so purposeful-sounding as 'going for a walk.' Anyway, right now she's not so much walking, but watching from the doorway, standing just outside the gymnasium, hands shoved deep in her jacket-pockets. Just watching, expressionless.]

[Claire doesn't have much of the instinct that many of her canonmates do, so it takes her a while to notice -- and even then it's because she catches a glimpse out the corner of her eye as she's heading back towards the row of soccer balls.

She's certainly not paranoid, but she can't help tensing up for a split-second as her head whips around, especially at how still and quiet the other is -- but then she sees the younger woman clearly and quickly relaxes, offering a polite smile as she calls over.]

[Laura doesn't...really react to the greeting, other than a very slight dip of her head. She just keeps watching, because that's what she's obviously doing, even if it's meant to be exercise. It looks like..."fun".]

[Along one of the many sidewalks between the buildings, Jill's taken position on one of the warm wooden benches. She's pulled her legs nearly up to her body, leaving enough room for one more seat; perched against her knees is a notebook that she's scribbling in, and every once in a while she pauses to thoughtfully stare out across the small town before resuming.]

pfffffff it's been so long since I played ToP he's gonna suck ;w;

[Also in the gym, Cress is facing a puzzle: after sifting through pieces of what were obviously sports and game equipment of some kind, he's come across a bicycle. Except he doesn't know that it's a bicycle -- it's a contraption that he doesn't entirely understand. 8|a

Curious, he pulls it out onto the floor, where he studies it in thoughtful and obviously puzzled silence.]

...Been readin' lotsa comic books lately, so X-muse is rather at the forefront these days. |3

[Laura is passing by when she sees Cress facing off against the bike. She doesn't fit in, and she's been feeling that more than ever lately, so she's been rather actively avoiding people, but...this captures her attention, if only because it is rather unusual behaviour, and because she can read the curiosity and confusion in his body language and scent, and the bike...looks and smells utterly normal and in good condition--well-oiled, tires inflated, no rust, chain intact, wheels unbent.]


[After a long stretch of observing him observing the bike, she'll make her approach, coming from behind and a little to the side, her own curiosity (and deep, but generally strictly repressed craving for human contact) too strong to ignore any longer.]

...There does not appear to be anything wrong with the bike, yet you are not riding. Why?

:D She is always welcomed, naturally~

Riding? [He glances curiously at her -- prompted by the suggestion as well as her presence, which he didn't notice prior. Then he looks back at the bike--] Oh! It's for transportation?

[Kinda like a Techbird! :D Only... making much less sense. :|]


[...And...that's all, lol. No explanation, no demonstration, nothing. |D]

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