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[Random thing] Ohh, oh -- oh those su~mmer n~ights! ...and days.
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Initially, this was intended as a playground post locked to some newcomer players, but after typing up these threads, I decided what the hey, I'll make them public and open to whoever. For the most part. Why not.

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[Claire doesn't have much of the instinct that many of her canonmates do, so it takes her a while to notice -- and even then it's because she catches a glimpse out the corner of her eye as she's heading back towards the row of soccer balls.

She's certainly not paranoid, but she can't help tensing up for a split-second as her head whips around, especially at how still and quiet the other is -- but then she sees the younger woman clearly and quickly relaxes, offering a polite smile as she calls over.]

[Laura doesn't...really react to the greeting, other than a very slight dip of her head. She just keeps watching, because that's what she's obviously doing, even if it's meant to be exercise. It looks like..."fun".]

[The silence gets a slight, curious headtilt, but Claire's smile doesn't falter -- maybe the young woman's just shy. She can't be entirely sure from this distance, but if she had to guess, she'd put the other at twenty at the very oldest; more like seventeen, maybe.

She scoops the toe of her shoe under another ball, kicking it up into her hands and holding it loosely against her stomach.]
Wanna join me? I'm just goofing around, but if there's something you prefer, I'm sure this place has the equipment for it.

[For a long moment X doesn't move, but then she steps forward into the gym, slowly approaching with her hands still shoved into her jacket pockets. Part of her wonders at this stranger asking her to join her, and as always there's a trailing thread of suspicion there, but there's nothing off or deceptive in her smell, thus the approach.]

...This is fine.

[She stops a little ways away, though, and considers the layout. Even for "goofing around", the rules would have to change if there were two people. So did this woman want her to guard the goal, or have a shooting match?]

What is our objective?

[Claire's... getting a Vibe from the teen, so she has a hunch that asking for her opinion will generate one of those bland "I don't care" responses. She indicates the net with a cheerful nod of her head.] I'll take goalie if you want to do some one-on-one goal shots?

...This thread has the potential to get...pretty funny. |D

Very well.

[Laura ditches her jacket, leaving her in a black tank top, a pair of leather fingerless gloves, and her jeans. Combat boots aren't the best shoes to play soccer in, but she'll manage. And of course she hasn't done much playing, but she's in incredible shape, and this game is really all about applied momentum and calculating angles.

She takes up her position, nudging one of the balls with her feet before looking towards Claire.]

Prepare yourself.

...LOL yes, yes it does. XD

[Claire nods as she gets into position before the goal, legs parted slightly and hands at the ready, tense and ready to move.]

Whenever you're ready.

Here goes~ (...& lol WHY do I just keep thinking COME AT ME BRO! X'D)

[Laura lightly taps two of the balls, setting them slowly rolling, then moves to the third--and totally lets loose with a right-footed straight shot on goal, aiming for the upper lefthand corner of the net. Immediately afterward, she steps back to the second ball, kicking it at the lower righthand corner of the net with her left foot; then she turns with the momentum from the kick and moves to the first ball, shooting right at the middle of the goal, just under the crossbar.

...And all a matter of seconds. |D ]

(LOL XDDD .......sadly, that just brought back memories of certain "witty lines" from Leon... -_-)

[Claire's no professional, by far -- soccer's one of the sports she's played the most in her life, but it was never for a real team as much as it was just with friends. So she knows what she's doing, but she's no pro.

Which is a good thing -- otherwise she'd have three very sore bruises on her ego.

She makes a rapid movement to intercept the first, not expecting that speed -- misses, and then tries to double back for the second -- misses again -- and the third shot is hopelessly lost considering she's still looking for the last one when it goes by. :|

So... Laura will be getting a shocked but impressed look for a few still seconds.]


& HERE'S WHERE IT GETS GOOD/CRAZY/LOLARIOUS (...lmao I do not even want to know.)

[Laura--though she's really more X right now, even if this isn't A Srs Bizniz Life Or Death Matter--hardly pauses, moving to the other three balls Claire had lined up.

And the first is aimed at the upper right corner of the net, and the second, the lower left...and the third, well. The third, Laura sends rolling straight at the goal, but this one she follows; after only two strides, she does a front-handspring, landing with her feet on either side of the last soccer ball--and then she does another, much faster front-handspring, snapping her body through the motion and whipping the ball she'd held clamped between her feet forward, aiming...well, probably straight at Claire.

And X comes up out of her attack it in a ready crouch, likely the same instant that last ball reaches its mark. lol yeeeeeah OVERKILL MUCH??]

XDDD (YEAAAH, just... know that while Chris has some WTF lines, Leon's are downright stupid. |D;;)

[She learns her lesson in that very brief break between rounds, so she doesn't hurry after the shots to the side; she focuses on watching the middle of the net while trying to quickly sidestep when necessary, but those first two shots are still too fast for her to reach in time.

Still, she's right in the middle for when that third one comes -- realizing this, she stays where she is and blocks her chest with her arms right in time for the ball to bounce hard off of her forearms with a loud (and stinging) fumtwang.

...And yeah, that impressed look isn't going anywhere.]

[And on seeing that the last ball would hit and then ricochet, X had quite literally lunged forward into action again; she's at just the right place for a one-touch intercept, sending it back at the goal with a bicycle kick.]

[...Yeah, Claire's. Not even gonna try scrabbling for that one. |D;;

She turns to watch the ball sail past and into the net, blinking as she looks back at the younger woman again.]

...I... guess you've done this before. [And now she feels a little patronizing from before, erk.]


[...She...should probably say more than that, shouldn't she.


...Maybe that...]

I do not..."play well with others."

[All said in her usual flat tones. There's no pride, no condescension, no...anything, really, though she does look a little down and away as she says that last bit.]

[She raises her eyebrows at that first part.] You could've fooled me.

[And then she reaches into the net with a foot, nudging the balls free.] Ah, well. If you kick anyone else's butt half as badly as you just kicked mine, it's no surprise people might be a little intimidated. Guys are especially like that, y'know? They can't stand losing. [She glances over her shoulder with a smirk.

A joke, strange girl. Have one.]

[X does not understand jokes most of the time. This is one of those times. :|]

Yes. The male ego is purportedly a delicate entity, and their testosterone levels heighten their competitive drive, often resulting in overemotional or illogical behavior.

[...Attempt at engaging in small-talk, Laura makes one. Aaaaand fails at it miserably, lol. Not that she knows that--clueless = very yes.]

Though I have found that females are more inclined to bear grudges, increasing their threat factor by 65%.

[She'll assist with the balls, helping to line them up, then moving to take Claire's place in the goal.]

[Her eyebrows rise a little higher at all that.]

...Oh. [It's a delayed response, since she's not entirely sure how to reply. The girl didn't sound sarcastic, at any rate.

She considers the latter statement.]
That does make sense. [She moves to take the offensive position, adjusting the first ball with a tap of her shoe and briefly studying Laura's stance for a hint of some strategy.] Kinda throws a wrench in all those evolutionary theories, huh? About males being the bigger threat in nature.

[Another joking smile, and then she takes the ball with her several steps before delivering a solid kick, aiming for the bottom right corner of the goal.]

......Poor Claire. |D; She, uh. Might end up 0 for 6 here...if that's okay with you, lol.

[Jean Grey, Codename: Phoenix - Considered by many to be the most powerful mutant in existence. Emotional, unstable, possibly immortal.

Wanda Maximoff, Codename: Scarlet Witch - Possesses the ability to radically alter reality; directly responsible for M-Day and the possible future extinction of mutantkind, named by some homo superior. Highly dangerous, powers unstable and often beyond her control.

Kimura - History unknown; taken in by the Facility and assigned to be X-23's handler. Highly dangerous, distinct psychopathic tendencies. I cannot hurt her, I cannot fight her, I cannot win, I cannot--]

......Yes, it does.

[...Assuming you meant...right as Claire sees it Laura lunges to the left, punches the ball away fairly easily, and is moving back towards the center of the net within seconds.]

ahaha~ totes cool with me

[.......That was just a warm-up shot, mmkay.

With considerably less speed than Laura moved before, but still quick enough to say she knows what she's doing, Claire moves to the next ball and gives it a wide kick towards her left, aiming for the outside of Laura's goal -- and then backtracks a second later to kick the next one straight ahead with a slight rightward curve, this one coming in low.]

Again I say it: poor Claire. |D;;;

[Laura's eyes track the first ball, determining that it will bounce off the goalpost and end up more or less in front of Claire again, which makes intercepting the other ball the priority. She moves to her left, lashing out a quick kick that sends the ball sailing away and to the side, away from Claire; half a second later, X's back in the center of the goal, her intensely-narrowed gaze steady on the redhead.]

[Not missing a beat, she addresses the one that bounces back first, kicking it towards the center -- which proves useless when Laura moves back a second later -- before taking the last ball, running forward with it several steps, feigning a left, and then giving it a sharp kick to her right, aiming for the very corner of the goalpost.]


[Laura easily punches away that ball Claire kicked straight back to her, then tenses, watching her opponent intently, unblinkingly.

She doesn't fall for the feint--doesn't move at all, staying at the ready in the middle of the goal until just after Claire's kicked that last ball. Then she dives to the side, and while a normal goalie's reach would probably still have been too short, even if they could've moved as fast as X...normal goalies don't have adamantium-coated claws in their hands to give them a few extra inches of reach. And since she's attempting to "play nice" the last second, Laura turns her wrist so that the ball bounces, undamaged, off the side of her claws.

Then, catching herself with her other hand, she turns her dive into an impossible-looking one-handed half-sideways flip, ending in a low crouch, but with her feet completely under her. Her claws have already snapped back out of sight, and she scans the immediate area, alert in case of any further shots on goal.]


[Claire was planning on trying to retrieve one of the balls that were knocked away, going for a last-ditch effort while Laura's putting that fancy footwork into that last block--

--but when those claws come out, she can't help half-stumbling to a stop and... well, staring, for lack of a politer term.]

[2/2] ffff you KNEW that had to get a reaction, lolol

[...and ah, well, she's still staring.

But those things are gone as quick as they appeared, so for a second she wonders if she was just seeing things -- but given the kinds of things she's seen since That Night, Claire's pretty far past doubting what her senses tell her and doesn't give her imagination too much credit these days.

...And she was warned that there were some... unique ones here. And honestly, disappearing claws aren't the weirdest possibility.

She's stopped going for that stray ball -- but all the same, she's not about to be so tactless as to call out what she saw, so... after a moment, she just gives a friendly smile, even if it looks a bit distracted.]

I... think it's fair to say that was pretty one-sided. Good work.


[X has been around enough 'normal humans' to know when her status as a mutant has caused them to wonder if they really saw what they thought they saw. And while her abilities are not, in and of themselves, among the flashiest that X-men over the years have is not surprising to her that Claire would be surprised.]

...You are curious as to what I am.

[A simple mistake, though still a foolish one. Laura had forgotten, just for a moment, where she was--that she wasn't at what had been her school, if only for a short time. She had been too concerned with the game, too busy having..."fun" remember who--what some might say--she was.

And while Claire has seemed friendly enough thus far, Laura has seen even gentler-seeming souls turn suddenly hostile and violent when faced with the "danger" of mutants in their midst.

Which means there's a subtle tension in her body now, a readiness for flight, or, should Claire produce a weapon or unexpected non-mutant powers of her own, fight. There is a hint of a gunpowder-scent lingering about the redhead, even if no weapon is visible.]

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