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[Random thing] Ohh, oh -- oh those su~mmer n~ights! ...and days.
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Initially, this was intended as a playground post locked to some newcomer players, but after typing up these threads, I decided what the hey, I'll make them public and open to whoever. For the most part. Why not.

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...It does not have an engine built in.

[That should be obvious, but apparently it is not.]

It is a human-powered vehicle. You sit on it and pedal.

[He makes another Oh face -- and then, as daring as he is, he swings a leg over the contraption and seats himself on the saddle-like thing; not very comfortable. 8\] Like this?

[He puts one boot on a pedal, but then looks down at the other side and frowns.] It seems like it would just fall over if I try to use both.


[Half a beat pause.]

I am told it generally requires a considerable amount of practise, most often at a young age.

[...Another half-beat pause.]

...Good balance coupled with forward momentum keeps it upright.

[lol Not making any offers of help thar though. Partly because she Doesn't Really Care, and partly because...she doesn't know if you'd really want it anyway.]

[Ahhh.] I see. A craft, then. [Interesting, but he can also see why learning it from a young age would make sense, considering how complicated it looks. Much like swordfighting, he supposes, or any real talent. Or Ishitori. But unlike some, Cress didn't need to spend years learning it to rip that old man off his arrogant pedestal. >B|

He absently holds his scabbard against his side as he dismounts, making sure it doesn't catch on the bike, before he turns to X-23 again with a good-natured smile.]
I've seen some strange inventions while traveling, but this village is full of new ones.

[A pause -- then, remembering the obvious,] I'm Cress Albane. [No handshake, because that's not called for with a lady -- just that polite smile as he watches her expectantly.]

It is a form of recreation, not a craft.

[...There is no reason to give him her name. He is not a friend, not even a comrade or anything of the sort, and giving out your name to strangers is simply giving them free intel on you. Then again, for the most part this place hasn't been dangerous, she hasn't met anyone she knows except Spider-Man, and this person doesn't seem like a threat. At all. Giving him her first name is an acceptable risk.]


[He gives an affirmative nod.] Nice to meet you. Have you been here long?

[X is not at all one for small talk, which this is rapidly degenerating into. Instead of replying, she just gives Cress a long, flat stare and then shifts her attention to the bicycle. She debates with herself for a moment, because there's no reason to do this, and she's not used to doing things for no reason, but...Logan would probably have encouraged her to do something like this if he were here. He would want her to..."make friends" with some of these people.]

...I will assist you in riding the bicycle if you wish to attempt it.

........this is quite possibly going to be a Beautiful Thing, innit.

Really? [He still hasn't let go of the bike, not knowing the function of a kickstand, so he looks down at it curiously. He's definitely a daring sort of guy, jokes aside -- and it does look like it could be fun, if he's picturing it right...]

...Well--sure, if you think I can.

...Beautiful enough to make me want fanart of it, certainly. |D

I do not know if you can ride it. You have not yet made an attempt.

[...And she'll come alongside on the other side of the bike, one hand taking firm hold of the handlebars, the other grabbing the back of the seat, holding it steady.

In fact, he...could probably just. Sit there without either of his feet touching the ground, and she could easily hold both him and the bike upright... |D]

X'D That would be so beautiful, indeed.

[And with no hesitation towards trusting her, he slings a leg over the bike again and sits, quickly figuring how you're supposed to grip the handlebars and likely lean your weight just so. He sets one boot on the pedal, and then glances over at her.]

So you just... rotate the steps with both feet?


It is called pedaling.

[She gives a slight nod toward the handlebars.]

Those are the brake levers. Apply pressure to them when you want to slow down or stop. And do it evenly, and at the same time, or you may flip over.

[And yeah, done talking. It is not that complicated. So without another word, X shifts the bike more upright and starts walking with it, not waiting for him to start pedaling. But she'll doubtless order tell him to if he doesn't start soon.]

...T-This. Oh, God, I love it so, so much. XDDDD <333

[Pedaling, right.

Cress does so, stumbling a bit at first as he tries to keep up and stay steady, but it's pretty much a rhythm, and one he catches on to after a few tries. Within half a minute, he's officially pedaling, making sure not to do it too hard or fast for the pace Laura's going.]


[Yeah, that's a nice thought, but Laura's picking up the pace pretty noticeably.]

If you move at an insufficient speed, you will be unable to maintain your balance.

[Her words and breath both come easily, as if she's still standing still.]


Right. [He's a quick learner, at least, and always eager to learn (as long as he's interested in what he's learning), so he kicks the speed up a notch, the ride going noticeably smoother.]

Like this, right?

[He casts a glance back over his shoulder as he asks]


[Laura still answers easily, though her reply does sound a little snapped.]

Do not look back. Pay attention to where you are going. Keep pedaling.

[As a test of sorts, she loosens, then releases her grip on the seat, though her hand still hovers mere centimeters away from it.


Oh, sorry. [/SAID QUICKLY, and he looks ahead again as he keeps pedaling, because he's found that looking down is a bit dizzying.]

lolol TOO BAD go be reborn as a frog or priest or whatev and try again next time |D

[Laura doesn't respond to his apology, just keeps silently running beside him. She had re-grabbed the seat when Cress looked forward again, steadying the start of a wobble that could've easily proved disastrous, but once he's steady again, she releases her hold once more.

When no further dangerous wobbles are forthcoming, she continues to run alongside the bike, but her hands aren't really anywhere near it anymore. Though...that would change in .3 seconds should something Unexpected or Unfortunate happen.

...And now, it would seem time for positive reinforcement.]

You are doing well.

[He grins a bit at that, but he's still fixed on concentrating, especially since she's not holding on anymore -- but he's been going straight this whole time, and the far wall of the gym is coming up soon.]

So, to turn, I just -- turn the top part?

[...Aaaaand her hand is SO going back onto the back of the seat...except it doesn't. She starts to reach for it, then lets her hand fall away again.]

Yes. Slowly. Do not jerk the handlebars to the side or you will make the turn too sharply, compromising your balance.

[That said, she doesn't exactly...sound worried. At all. It's a simple statement as well as directions. Should he choose to follow them, he will be fine. Should he fail, then he will fall. That is how one learns.]

[Another brief nod of acknowledgement, and then Cress slowly steers left; his pedaling slows as he goes into a wide turn, and then picks up again as he comes out of it, going back in the opposite direction.]

So it's... kind of like riding a horse. [Sort of.

...Maybe it would've helped to think of it that way from the beginning. ...Minus the pedals.]

[Hey, less talking, more pedaling, bub. Maybe this'll shut you up some--]

It is not a good comparison. A bicycle is an inanimate object, while horses are living creatures, and are often strong-willed.

Balance, forward momentum, and adequate practice are all that is required to ride a bicycle well. Good horsemanship is much more complicated.

[Ohboy. Having learned most, practically all of his swordsmanship under his father -- the village's leading expert and teacher on swordplay, no less -- Cress recognizes the tone saying he should be focusing and just gives a quick, rather soldier-like headjerk of acknowledgement before redirecting 100% of his attention on the bike.

He continues to make rounds about the gym at a decent pace, occasionally wobbling if he takes a turn too sharply or steeply but managing to stay upright. Going back to that horse analogy, he does see Laura's point; it's probably reinforced by the fact that the last horse he rode was pretty intelligent for an animal and it could be argued that Cress wasn't really riding Pegasus as much as he was just. Tagging along.

Once he feels he's got the hang of it and then some, Cress shifts his focus. She said the things on the handlebars were for stopping, right? Probably not a bright idea to just activate them all of a sudden, just like you shouldn't make a horse stop too quickly; so he slows his pedaling, dropping in speed, and then stops pedaling altogether, slowing even more -- and after a couple seconds of that, he squeezes the brakes.

...But he still underestimated his momentum, so there's an awkward moment where the bike simply stops as he keeps going, his stomach hitting the handlebars and his boots quickly trying to find the ground for balance. Even so, he's heavy for his size, and the back wheel of the bike comes up sharply as he threatens to go into a tumble with the whole bicycle.]


[It's essentially reflex, Laura's response: one hand shoots out to grab him by his cape, right where it connects to his armour, jerking him back and upwards; the other lands between the small of his back and his hip, steadying him, though she could've just as easily used that stance to throw (or half-lift) him free of the whole situation. And at the same time, she brings one heavy-booted foot slamming down atop the back wheel, right where it almost-meets the frame of the bicycle, thoroughly arresting any remaining forward momentum the bike might have as well as returning that back wheel to the ground.]


[The sudden reverse in momentum makes him jerk a bit, grunting in surprise, but he recovers easily enough thanks to her quick reaction.

He steadies himself and the bike again, feet now on the ground, and looks over.]

Uh, thanks -- guess that was a little too fast.


[Her hands are off of him as soon as he's steady on his own two feet, but her boot remains wedged between the bike-frame and wheel for a few seconds longer.

And, ever the talkative one, Laura's flatly-spoken reply is:]


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