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[Random thing] Ohh, oh -- oh those su~mmer n~ights! ...and days.
Dorky!Peter is love.
its_game_time wrote in transgenicprose
Initially, this was intended as a playground post locked to some newcomer players, but after typing up these threads, I decided what the hey, I'll make them public and open to whoever. For the most part. Why not.

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--! Hey! [He spins in place on the couch and makes a grab for the controller -- which is out of reach. He's frowning, but the look's replaced with one of surprise as he catches sight of the stranger's face because females ALWAYS get this reaction in things:

A girl?

...But then he recovers and the frown's back.]
You're going to get me killed!

[...Yeah, the WOOP WOOP WOOP behind him confirms that. |D]

[A frown? She gets a lot of those. Here, have a smile.]

But you were so focused on the game! You were totally asking to have something stolen!

[Getting him killed? Never entered her mind. Whoops.]

Just because a person's distracted doesn't mean that's an opening!

But they're the same thing! To a Great Thief, every distraction's an opening!

[...This face. Forever and a day.]

...Great Thief? Sounds more like a pickpocket to me.

[...Something tells me she'll be getting that face a lot.]

What?! I'm the Great Thief Yatagarasu! Not some lousy pickpocket!

DERP reposted because I just now caught my retarded typo

[Most likely.]

Great Thieves go around robbing expensive things from nobles and castles and stuff, not stealing everything they can get their hands on. [No offense, Kay, he's just tired of getting blindly robbed by girls at random. At least Jade isn't here to point this out.

...And never mind that she DID just rob a noble of something expensive. Technicalities.]

...That's what they do in stories, anyway.

[1/2] ...I think I know how to icon spam...?

[She'll frown a bit at that.]

But the Yatagarasu is a Great Thief! He doesn't steal just anything, you know!

[...and she'll be throwing him a grin. You can't win with this girl, Luke.]

He only steals the most valuable treasure of all! And he's way cooler than anything in some old fairytale.

"He?" I thought you said you were this Yata-... uh. Great... Thief person.

What're you doing, running around playing pretend or something?

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