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[Random thing] Ohh, oh -- oh those su~mmer n~ights! ...and days.
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Initially, this was intended as a playground post locked to some newcomer players, but after typing up these threads, I decided what the hey, I'll make them public and open to whoever. For the most part. Why not.

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[Ohboy. Having learned most, practically all of his swordsmanship under his father -- the village's leading expert and teacher on swordplay, no less -- Cress recognizes the tone saying he should be focusing and just gives a quick, rather soldier-like headjerk of acknowledgement before redirecting 100% of his attention on the bike.

He continues to make rounds about the gym at a decent pace, occasionally wobbling if he takes a turn too sharply or steeply but managing to stay upright. Going back to that horse analogy, he does see Laura's point; it's probably reinforced by the fact that the last horse he rode was pretty intelligent for an animal and it could be argued that Cress wasn't really riding Pegasus as much as he was just. Tagging along.

Once he feels he's got the hang of it and then some, Cress shifts his focus. She said the things on the handlebars were for stopping, right? Probably not a bright idea to just activate them all of a sudden, just like you shouldn't make a horse stop too quickly; so he slows his pedaling, dropping in speed, and then stops pedaling altogether, slowing even more -- and after a couple seconds of that, he squeezes the brakes.

...But he still underestimated his momentum, so there's an awkward moment where the bike simply stops as he keeps going, his stomach hitting the handlebars and his boots quickly trying to find the ground for balance. Even so, he's heavy for his size, and the back wheel of the bike comes up sharply as he threatens to go into a tumble with the whole bicycle.]


[It's essentially reflex, Laura's response: one hand shoots out to grab him by his cape, right where it connects to his armour, jerking him back and upwards; the other lands between the small of his back and his hip, steadying him, though she could've just as easily used that stance to throw (or half-lift) him free of the whole situation. And at the same time, she brings one heavy-booted foot slamming down atop the back wheel, right where it almost-meets the frame of the bicycle, thoroughly arresting any remaining forward momentum the bike might have as well as returning that back wheel to the ground.]


[The sudden reverse in momentum makes him jerk a bit, grunting in surprise, but he recovers easily enough thanks to her quick reaction.

He steadies himself and the bike again, feet now on the ground, and looks over.]

Uh, thanks -- guess that was a little too fast.


[Her hands are off of him as soon as he's steady on his own two feet, but her boot remains wedged between the bike-frame and wheel for a few seconds longer.

And, ever the talkative one, Laura's flatly-spoken reply is:]


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[Cress is getting rather used to the frank behavior, at least, and just smiles a friendly smile.]

At least you were faster. Thanks for the catch.

[And unless she has some other tip or some such to give, he'll be holding the bike steady as he goes to dismount.]

[The words still feel strange in her mouth, just as his thanks sound strange in her ears.]

...You are welcome.

[She doesn't reach for the bike again, or offer any further advice; instead, she just stares at the ground a little off to the side, inwardly debating something. Then, after a moment's hesitation--]

...You will require further aid if you decide to make any further attempts at a later time. I am willing to assist you, should you request my help.


[It's kinda weird and a little wordy, but Cress gets the indication, and his smile broadens into an even friendlier grin.]

Yeah, I probably will. I'd like that, too.

[His world's kinda old school, so shaking females' hands as gratitude = no; instead, he gives a slight bow in her direction, more a fleeting force of habit than any direct show of manners.]

As long as it's no trouble.

It will not be any trouble.

["Trouble" in Laura's world is always SO dramatic and/or serious. Something like this wouldn't even be a blip on her Crisis Radar, and she is still trying to be more social, SO.]


It's a plan, then, Laura.

[He looks back towards the closet he got the bike from -- yeah, he should probably try to stuff it back in there again.] I'll see you again sometime.


[How he'll contact her if/when he decides to try, who knows...but he's learned the basics, and she'll likely be around here somewhere. Perhaps she should check back every so often. She would give him her cell phone number, but from his appearance, she rather doubts he has one.]


[And EXIT, STAGE RIGHT, unhurried, but without looking back.]

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