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[Free for All] There's no reason to run, although I may.
Like a gaydar only completely different.
alory_shannon wrote in transgenicprose

I think it's about time for a new post around here. Thus, I present to you:

~The Morning After Meme~
{stolen from fountainofcod}

Your character has just had a night filled with wild, crazy, drunken partying. Inhibitions were lost, and good times were had by all; it's really too bad they can't remember any of it. They find themselves waking up in a posh hotel suite in very unmade bed, feeling peaceful and oddly refreshed (or hellishly hungover, your choice). There's just one problem—who is that next to them?!

❥ Post with your character in bed: asleep, awake, fully clothed, in the buff, in their P.J.s, in someone else's clothes, all totally up to you. …And yes, this time you DO actually have to leave a comment for each separate character you want involved—no muse lists!
❥ Other characters will respond as your character's bedmate.
❥ The two discover each other, and flailing and shenanigans ensue. (Whether or not they actually did anything other than sleep and/or cuddle a bit = up to the players--just make sure you both agree on what happened!)
❥ ?????

[...Just an FYI, humour is the point of this post rather than smut. "Stuff" might've happened the night before so long as both parties agree on that, but in present time, let's just have fun and keep it clean!]

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In this bed, is one Kida Masaomi. He is (self-proclaimedly) devilishly handsome, fast asleep, wearing only a pair of blue-and-white striped boxers...and all of sixteen years old: a high-school student. And at the moment, with his face relaxed in sleep (and with his fairly scrawny frame visible), he looks it. Looks young.

...OH, and did I forget to mention that he's also totally spooning you. ♥ Whoever you are! And big spoon, little spoon, doesn't matter, whichever you like~

[Princess Sakura is dressed in a knee-length, sleeveless white nightgown; there's a bit of soft lace and a bow on the front, but otherwise it's fairly plain. She's a polite sleeper, lying on her back with her hands folded over her slight chest and on top of the blankets...though depending on who you are, she might be leaning her head against your shoulder just a bit.]

...just to mix it up for once, y/n? |D

[Yuri's not so much polite as he is... Well. Yuri. He's lying close to her, but with his back turned, arms crossed loosely over his chest -- sleeping just as he would when alone, pretty much.]

Sounds like a plan! (& b/c I obvs. MUST iconspam w/ Sakura-hime--1/3)

[She comes awake slowly, surfacing from her dreams only with difficulty. And for a moment, she seems too caught up in whatever it is she'd seen as she'd walked in dreams that night to notice anything unusual about her current situation...]

lol I lied, IDK how many this will take, iconspamming this icon never gets old to me X'DDD

[...........And then, rather suddenly, she realises...the side of her head and her shoulder...are both pressed against a warm, firm (thankfully fully clothed) body.]

[W-w-w-what she's in a bed and while she and her traveling companions had sometimes had to share sleeping spaces in cramped places, the rest of the room is so fancy, they never would have--and they'd never shared beds before, not like this, and ohhhh~ her head kinda hurts a little so maybe she'd been drinking? But it must have really been a lot, because normally, she doesn't really get hangovers........ever. |D And maybe whoever had helped her to bed had accidentally fallen asleep beside her as well when they'd helped her to bed? Oh well then, that was okay--she trusted all three (four if you counted Mokona) of her companions, so innocently sharing a bed with them would be no big--]


[Sh-she idea who this person is...uh, ah, but--but whoever he is, he must be something of a gentleman, at least, for probably-helping her to her room without taking advantage of least, as far as she can remember, though she doesn't remember much about last night, so... Of course, in that case maybe she had taken advantage of him instead! She could get pretty rowdy when there was alcohol involved...

She pulls away a little more to get a better look look at him--and finds herself blushing pretty deeply. Accustomed as Sakura is to being around gorgeous men, he's...undeniably still very handsome, and that long, dark hair is so pretty, almost like Tomo-chan's...

Without thinking about what she's doing, the Princess reaches out with guileless curiosity, gently touching Yuri's hair to see if it's really as silky as it looks.]

[Yuri isn't the lightest of sleepers -- but he's not a heavy one, either, and he's already on the border of sleep and waking when she touches him. It's slight, barely felt, but just enough to nudge him awake.

...Which becomes obvious pretty quickly as he grunts, stretching in place as he rolls onto his back. His hands come up to cover his eyes, blocking out the morning light with another, grumpier sound as he momentarily lies there, trying to gather his thoughts--

--seemingly unaware that he's not alone.]

ALL THE THINGS omg you weren't even kidding haha I love it <33333

[It is just as soft as it looks, but the fact that he shifts in response to her touch has her snatching back her hand (to clap it over her mouth) and flailing silently. But...w-well, it's probably best to get his over with, isn't it...and he certainly looks like a nice enough person, and she doesn't get a bad feeling from him at all, so it'll probably be all right.]

Ah, um...g-good morning, stranger-san...!

[Honestly, being awoken unexpectedly isn't too surprising -- even if it's by a stranger, because he's been stirred more than once after drifting off in public in the past. So being awoken when he expects to be alone doesn't get to him.

Neither does the fact that the voice isn't one he immediately recognizes.

What does get him is how close that voice is -- almost like it's... on his level... 8|a

An exhale, another half-grunt, and then his hands drop and he looks over -- and tenses a little in surprise at the proximity of... whoever it is because he still can't see 100% and who uses blinds that thin augh--

He sits up a little quickly, confusion and lingering sleep on his face and--


God, what did he do last night?]


[Smooth, Yuri. Smooth. He might have his jerk moments, but he knows asking "who're you, again?" isn't the best way to go about this.

But hey, they're dressed, at least -- checked with a quick double glance. And then he's looking around the room, which he... doesn't... recognize, either.



[+1 Casual]

[The way that he...he's just so calm about it sets the Princess reeling just a bit, because...maybe that means he's somewhat used to this sort of thing...? Which might mean...but no, she's sticking with her initial impressions and refuses to jump to any conclusions, and they're both dressed and he sat up quickly enough and looked startled enough for a moment that she's maybe just a little reassured about what sort of person he is. Uhm. Whoever...he is...]

I, ah, I! I-I-I'm sorry for intruding, stranger-san! I can't--can't remember anything from l-last...uhm, s-so I don't know how I got here or what...happened, but I'm sorry if I took advantage of your kindness in any way!

[...Yeeeeeeah, still mentally keysmashing here. And more than just a little, sorry, Yuri. |D ]

[Agh, what--

He raises an eyebrow, looking thoroughly perplexed.]

Whoa, hey, easy -- it's okay. Don't apologize.

[He runs a hand over the back of his head, mussing up his already untidy hair.] ...To tell the truth, I don't remember it, either -- and I don't have the mountain of a headache saying too many drinks were to blame.

[He looks thoughtful, staring across the room] ...I'm having a hard time remembering anything after sundown, actually.

[And then he looks back to the pretty stranger. It all seems rather haphazard, doesn't it. Like a bad practical joke.]

Aside from the shock factor, you're okay, right? Nothing out of place?

[Judith is curled up, half on her side, half front-and-face down in a pillow, her pose relaxed and sleepily sinuous. She's also obviously wearing nothing but the sheets, not a blessed scrap of clothing covering any of those generous curves.]

kuh-LAIR~! Redfield /shot for RE2!Leon impression

[Claire has cast off the sheets in the heat of early afternoon, having settled in a peaceful sleep on her side near the edge of the mattress. She's wearing a black T-shirt several sizes too large that reaches more or less decently past her thighs, her hair down and tucked beneath where her head rests in the crook of her arm.

WARNING: just remember that she has Nii-san's reflexes and his tendency to punch things when caught off guard. |D;]

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