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sheriffspidey wrote in transgenicprose
You guuuuuuys.

Nothing like a holiday filled with sugar and the spirit of terror to really make a guy feel appreciated.

Oh, heck, you know what this calls for?

Group hug.

Come on, that means everybody -- yeah, all seventy other people watching this place, plus the few kids who haven't committed yet. Manly, emotional hugs all around, and those who don't participate get their dorm rooms TP'd. Ahaha, get it? TP? ...Like the... oh, come on, that was a good one.

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[........This group hug just become 900% More Dangerous with the addition of X-23 to the mix. :| But of course, it's an "order" from someone she knows and sort-of trusts, so she doesn't resist.]

[...Well, he's definitely not gonna try and make her do anything, and he knows how she can take things Way Too Srsly, so.]

X~. [pronounced with that obnoxious draw-out, like "Eeeeeeex |D"] I really didn't know you cared!

[....Just. Iconfais. And more ellipses. And since she is not all that familiar with hugs in general, and still sort-of lacks a sense of...personal space thanks to being an experiment to be poked and prodded by strangers on a regular basis for years and years, she doesn't move away from him yet. She'll take her cues from Spidey in this.

Does she care? Laura doesn't really know...though she thinks that maybe she might. She does know the idea of Spider-Man being attacked makes her want to pop her claws and defend him, which must count for something.]

[HEY PETE. Morgan's hug for you probs goes a little somethin' like dis:





HAPPY HALLOWEENS, PETE! AH! [Her eyes go wide and her hands clap over her mouth as a sudden thought hits her.] I probs shouldn't be sayin' that so louds, huh? Sowwies~

[...And yeah, she...has not moved from where she ended up post-tackle. Which is most likely...perched on his stomach, or maybe his legs, beaming down at him. Until he pushes her off, buuuuut then again, she *IS* a redhead and Spidey likes those, doesn't he~ X'D]

[..And~ Judith's is more like--

And yes it would just be a (teasing) cheek-smooch, if there is to be any smooching at all. She ain't no man-stealer.]

[Which, on a Comfort Level, is pretty much cool, but it's still Peter Parker, so--]

Ah-ahaha. Uh. Thanks.

Oh, there's no need for thanks. After all, I'm just giving a real hero his just desserts, right? ♪

[Ahaha~ He knew you'd be so pleased! Well, probably, anyway. And even if you weren't, the reaction promised to be amusing, at least. ^_^

And Fai is not at all averse to casual physical contact, so he'll come slinking up to drape one long arm around Peter's shoulders. Because one-armed hugs totally count, right? Right~]

Quite the party, isn't it, Mister Peter Parker?

[As long as he doesn't get another Morgan hug, especially from anyone bigger than her, it's cool

...wait who are you again]

Quite. Helps a guy get used to his identity being widely known by strangers. [the mask kind of hides the POINTED LOOK, but. Ya know.]

[Fai catches it all the same, though--Spidey's tone is pretty pointed, too. So he smiiiiiles and pulls him in just a li~ttle bit closer, but it's done in a teasingly confidential, not creepy, way.]

Ah, but there are no real secrets here, Mister Parker. That's just one of the many charms of this place.

[...Which is sort of BS since no-one's been going around throwing his past and "true identity" in his face, but well. That's be side the point here.]



[2/2 (I think...ya never really know with Kida, lol)]

Ah yes, group hugs! While many might attempt to pull away and keep their feelings to themselves, Kida Masaomi will never be one to turn away any sort of warm affection, regardless of how awkward or uncomfortable it might be! Indeed, how can I do anything else when I believe so strongly in TRUTH, LOVE, AND JUSTICE--not necessarily in that order, mind you!--and the request came from a genuine ~✯SUPER HERO✯~! [...which, somehow, comes out sounding very much like SU-PAH HEE-LO, despite the fact that his 100% Japanese (in his head) ramblings come out as perfect English (in Spidey's head) fact, this happens whenever Kida takes pains to stress certain words or phrases must be the ENGRISH EFFECT X'D]

[...And so due to that (er, maybe) and ALSO because Spider-Man is just way freaking cool, even in Japan, Kida will totes be up for some SRS, MANRY HUGGZORZ. Plus who doesn't like hugs?]

[...lolNOPE 3/3 it is]

[And even after the hugs are done, his arm is ttly staying around Spidey's upper back, keeping that friendly but still sorta clingy lol point of contact.]

...Ah, but you are the real Spidey-san, aren't you? On a day like today, one can't be too sure, you know!

[.....yeah okay it's weird enough to be getting this much positive reception

but Kida's method of communicating it adds +100 Weird.

Luckily, Spidey is used to weird.]

Totally. Any guy can try and make a cheap knockoff costume -- which, by the way, I have never seen done with 100% replication authenticity -- but there's only one Spider-Man when it comes to wit, kid.

Then you haven't spent much time around TRUE FANS, because they put all of their hearts into whatever they create, along with their blood, sweat, and tears--or so I've heard, anyway! Hours spent agonising over the tiniest of details--such is the curse and the consolation and ultra-creepy charm of the OTAKU!

[...YEAH, Kida definitely isn't one of those himself, but...some of his canon acquaintance-friends are WAY, WAY obsessed with anime/manga, so he Knows About These Things.]


[Then comes a siiiiiigh that is oh-so-dramatic, and kind-of almost...mock-pitying.]

...Ahhhhh but of course, wit isn't something you can replicate, no matter how hard you try~ Either you're like me and you're blessed with an overflowing abundance of wit and charm and modesty when you're born, or you're sadly just out of luck! In that case, all you can do is hope that your other qualities make up for it--everyone has their ~CHARM POINT~ after all~

Can't resist, gotta try him out a little here. So HAY SPIDEY HAY \o/

[HEY SPIDEY. Have the tiniest Asgardian deity looking up you with an amused, but not at all unfriendly smile.]

Well, it would seem that I am, as they say, late to the party. However, I suppose I would not be averse to a friendly embrace, if you are still so inclined.



...Sorry, who're you? I think I missed you getting off the Invisible Sky Train and its platform -- also known as the lake.

OMG, this Marvel fic I found...I am assuming it is CANON RE: Loki's thoughts on Spidey XD <3

[His eyebrows go up just a little, but it's still a look of amusement rather than sarcasm or anything of the like. Spider-Man might not know him, but Loki certainly knows Spider-Man. And rather adores him, really.]

Am I really so forgettable? I had rather thought my apparent infamy made me otherwise.

[His eyes briefly drift sideways, perhaps looking for the absent flurry of black-and-white feathers, his tone going a bit more serious.]

Though I daresay you would know my former self, and likely bore him little enough love. Still, as I am not the same as once I was, it would seem a reintroduction is in order.

[Have a courtly bow, the action only slightly in jest.]

Loki Laufeyson, at your service.




[Then again, can he really mistake that fais?]

My bad -- I just didn't know you... came in... midget size.

...Late to the party as usual. Oh me oh my.

[ ...What the hey, she'll give it a go! She likes hugs~ Chuckles softly. ] Well, since you asked so nicely. [ Holds her arms out. ]

you know what I always say about lateness and fashion

[Giving out hugs to people he barely knows, including pretty girls. Selfless is totes Spidey's middle name.]

...The neighborly sense of trust in this community is overwhelming because of you people, you know that? A nice change from NYC.


that they're awesome together? :D

[ Oh Peter, you saint, you. ^___~ ]

A few of them might be rough around the edges. [ ...Yeah. She's talking about Kanda someone. ] But they're not so bad underneath.

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