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[Free for all] Clichés have their charm.
Dorky!Peter is love.
its_game_time wrote in transgenicprose
[You may or may not notice a change around this place, or whatever "place" it is you generally find yourself in. Aside from an abundance of Christmas decorations, treats, and a pretty much endless snowfall outside, in every~ single~ doorway~ now hangs some harmless mistletoe, to get you all in the holiday spirit.

...Or. Maybe not so harmless.

Because if you walk into--or come close enough to get pulled into--one of these doorways? You're not walking back out. Not without a catch. You'll find yourself stuck in this doorway until someone else comes along and gets stuck with you--and the only way to get unstuck?

Three guesses. The first two don't count.

Of course, you could always choose not to give in, if you're honestly that shy anal much of a scrooge; but besides any and all powers having absolutely no effect on the mistletoe, the doorway, or any means of escape, you'll find that the temperature starts to drop rapidly the longer you stand there. If it's normally a nice 70 degrees? Within half an hour, it hits 30.

If you still choose to man up and take that much, though--well. Something will happen; you'll just have to find out what firsthand. For the record, however, we recommend just kissing the other person.

And there is a little mercy in the world: only members of the opposite gender will be stuck together. No having to worry about choosing between pride and survival, at least. Sorry, Sync. No getting stuck with Luke and using it as an excuse to beat him up when he can't get away. |D]

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[Flynn is...a little confused, to be honest. (...Why is he stuck in this doorway...? Odd, it's like hitting those invisible walls in a video game... B|a) And he's been there a while, so he's starting to feel a bit of a chill. Especially since he's in more casual clothing--his off-duty wear--so he's minus all that armour because his mun is evil and it's more convenient that way B3...which, while heavy, can keep him pretty warm when it needs to.]

[...Oh, dear.

Luckily and because it's more convenient, Chloe's been wary and watchful enough to have seen a couple instances of this with others, so she has the gist of the process--which is why she stops a good twenty feet from his doorway |D;;;]

[But--but he's stuck, and... he's her commandant so she needs to help but how can she help without--AHH WAIT there has to be another--wait--

Easy, Chloe. Game face. One step at a time. Don't jump ahead.]


[o rite smooooth]

[He's still thinking, still trying to figure a way out, when he hears her calling + recognises her voice. He looks up, a bit surprised.]

...Lady Chloe?

...YUP, 2/2 (...& lmao FLYNN IS SUCH A DERP |D)

[And since he knows nooooothing about what's going on, and hasn't seen anyone else stuck in similar situations--]

Be careful! I'd stay back if I were you--as silly as it sounds, there's something trapping me here, and nothing I've tried to far has been able to break its hold.

[Said with nothing but 100% pure concern. Because all he knows is that being stuck like this is uncomfortable and inconvenient, so he doesn't want her to be stuck, too. D:]

[And despite the circumstances, she only straightens up at that as she gets over her surprise, nodding attentively.] Sir. This seems to be a widespread phenomenon about the area--you're not the first I've seen caught like this.

I see. [HRMM HRMM, THINKIN DIS OWT don't hurt yourself, Flynn |D.] Do you have any other information regarding this situation? Common factors, ways others have escaped? I can't imagine there isn't some sort of logic or reason behind it all.

[She nods once--after the slightest of pauses] ...It appears to catch two people at once when possible--that seems to be the goal of whoever's responsible.


[S-Sideways glance before she respectfully returns it back to him]
As for escape--the only common method I've seen is--

[FIDGET] --there may be another way, but... I only know that the two caught together can be freed at once if they--[brief break between words--WHY IS EYE CONTACT SO HARD DX]


Each other.


[After a moment of iconfais, Flynn starts to say that there's no one trapped there with him for him to kiss so it's a moot point--then he notices that blush. And when he does...OH, YOU WANT BLUSHING, HERE, HAVE BLUSHING.

...Though of course as always, he misinterprets the meaning behind her blush.]

...Don't worry. I would never ask something like that of you, Lady Chloe.

[Said softly and firmly--it's a reassurance, not at all a rejection.]

If you were trapped, too, that would be a different matter, but as it is...[though his cheeks are still pretty pink, he gives her a confident smile] There must be another way out, and if there is, rest assured that I'll find it.

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[She doesn't take offense in that reassurance, but she frowns all the same because she's still one of his (wo)men and the fact stands that he's caught and she's not so she should be able to DO something--

She takes an emphatic step forward.]
I appreciate your regard, Sir, but there is still no--


Oh wait

Ohhhhh waitwaitwaitwaitwaitwait


[Why is she

being tugged--and now PULLED--

what what

that half a step she took must have--]



[...and hello, Commandant.




...I heard that there are fields around the doorways... that pull you in once you cross them.

[lol NO DUH


....8|;;; I...have no idea, since it is VERY much not. It's...just a blush-y Flynn icon...

[...He can only stare as she's dragged in, though he reflexively reaches out as she's pulled into the doorway with him, catching her shoulders to steady her. And he'd ask if she's all right, but--yeah, she's already giving her report of sorts, and he has to remind himself sternly that, delicate looks aside, she's tough. She's a Knight, too; showing additional concern just because she's a woman would be an insult, and one she certainly doesn't deserve.

So as soon as he's sure she's caught her balance again, he draws his hands back. But...he's thinking this situation over, and he can't help flushing a little even as he gives her another reassuring (and somewhat sheepish now) smile.]

...It's all right, Lady Chloe. If I hadn't been caught in the first place, you probably wouldn't have gotten caught as well. So you're still under no obligation...and I refuse to issue an order like that. It wouldn't be fair for me to ask something like that of you.

[Taking advantage of a subordinate's good faith and trust...he can't--won't--do that. They'll just have to find another way out.

...Though...if the growing cold is part of this, and it ends up placing Chloe in danger in any way...Flynn decides he'll do what he has to, and apologise to her later. :|]

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