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[sticky post][Sticky: Introduction Post: Free-For-All] The Welcoming Party
Best. Simile. Ever.
its_game_time wrote in transgenicprose
So it seems you just arrived in this place.

What place? Well. This place. There's no other place, after all. Except when there is. There's no sign welcoming you, no official-looking authority standing around to ask for directions. You're just here, in this place, and how you arrived is anyone's guess; everyone who's come to stay -- and, oddly enough, hasn't left since -- has a different recollection on how he or she got here. Hazy memories of a train, a cab, instant teleportation, or even simply waking up -- sometimes from death in the last case.

But whatever the reason, however the method, you're here now. transgenicprose. Home of a patchwork population with no official name or leader. It's a pretty basic area, easy to get around -- it has all you'd need to get by and then some. There's no real layout to the grounds, as they seem to shift accordingly and alter with the seasons (and the strange, spontaneous events that occur now and again) with no visible reasoning, but you can usually find whatever you want to find. Except for an exit. Trying to simply walk out of here somehow ends with you ending up right back where you started.

If you walk enough, however, you may find yourself wandering into a new place entirely, and one that may or may not look familiar. Turns out this place decided to address the issue of homesickness by duplicating portions of people's homes and placing them on the edges of the town. Explore, and you may walk into someplace widely recognized: New York City, for example. Walk a little further and you might cross over into the virus-ridden Raccoon City; beyond that, Zaphias, Daath, Iselia, Tokyo, Hueco Mundo, a post-apocalyptic Los Angeles, Hell itself, who knows? The people here come from strange worlds, you know.

Each of these places also hosts a number of people who never manage (or care) to cross the dimensional boundaries into the other areas: Meltokio citizens, for example, going about their day-to-day lives, or some of those Raccoon City zombies. Read: we have NPCs. It's just enough to remind you that while it may look, feel, sound, and smell like your home, it technically isn't. But we can only do so much.

And don't worry: in the middle of all these areas, you'll always come right back to the town that you first arrived in.

So congratulations, you're now part of the population. Or will be as soon as you settle in. But before you go getting to know your neighbors, you might first want to dry off.

Oh, right. It should be mentioned: however you arrived, you find yourself dropped rather abruptly in the middle of the lake on the outskirts of this place. A small lake, but a deep lake nonetheless near its center. There's a single dock with a few rowboats tied to it and a rather out-of-place stack of towels on its edge (which may or may not be there from day to day, as they're only present out of the kindness of a few residents' hearts and frequently need replacing), and whether anyone's nearby to help you is a matter of chance -- although there's often someone loitering about.

Shortly after arriving, you'll also be sure to find a complimentary gift: one of those new smartphones, brand new and shiny and in perfect working order. Everyone here has one (whether you want it or not, it has a habit of turning up even when you throw it away), providing a convenient means of communication between the people here. Video, audio, and text can all be used; just be careful, as they tend to have a mind of their own on occasion and may turn on when you least expect (or want) them to. Sadly, you can't call back to your homeworld with them. So sorry.

Oh, and if you're not familiar with technology? Sorry about that, too. No instruction manual. Maybe someone will help you out if you ask nicely.

So once you've overcome your official TP hazing, consider yourself a member of the club. Just play nice (or not), respect your fellow inmates occupants (optional), and stay out of the laboratory unless you have a license (recommended, but those doors are rarely locked, anyway). Pick out a room in the dormitory building, take a look at the shops in the marketplace -- the latter of which, by the way, are run by a peculiar group. It turns out that there is a breed of natives to this universe, a few dozen individuals who have taken it upon themselves to run the stores and some of the other buildings that require maintenance.

How can you tell natives from the arrivals? Simple. The natives are, in a word, robotic: never varying in personality or even really behavior, these men and women seem to have been cast from a mold -- literally. One might notice that on the whole, there are only a handful of different faces among this group: they are, for the most part, a mass of clones. Oddly, they're never seen outside of the marketplace; once night falls, the stores close and the employees are simply gone, and where they go, who knows? Not to the residential area.

But it's nothing you should worry about. For now.

Welcome aboard.

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You have NO idea how excited he is, for srs

[On the frequent walks Sasuke tends to take, he always makes sure to make his way past the lakeside, if only for a glance that he'll never admit is curious well, not to most people, anyhow. He happens to be within sight of the water when he slows and stops, watching -- the figure's obviously not having any trouble, so then his next priority is determining whether he recognizes it.

...Which... he can't say for sure either way at this distance, but it's not as if he knows many blondes, anyway. He remains where he is, his gaze fixed but his expression blank as he watches the newcomer.]


[Fai's semi-blank expression stays in place as he hauls himself up onto the dock, ditches the coat he'd been wearing, and takes a towel to start rubbing his hair dry. After a moment, the feeling of being watched prompts him to turn his head to the side, his eyes still rather dull and hollow looking...

...And then his expression shifts with an almost startling abruptness into a bright (too bright, really) smile, because oh my, what's this? A Kurogane clone? This young man has the same sort of appearance, the same dark hair and humourless mien, seems to favour a vaguely similar sort of clothing, and he carries himself like a fighter; even if he hadn't had that sword thrust through his belt, Fai would've known the stoic-looking teen was a swordsman.

Which very possibly makes him dangerous--not that that matters to Fai. He's pretty dangerous himself, after all. So Fai's smile only widens a bit as he gives an expansive wave and calls out to Sasuke cheerfully:]

Hello there~! I don't suppose you could tell me where exactly this place is, could you?

[Without Mokona, he might not be able to communicate here at all, but it didn't hurt or cost him anything to be friendly. And the sooner he got to whatever passed for civilisation here on this world, the sooner he'd be likely to find the others.]



[His expression and posture don't change; he's still half-turned towards the path was he was about to take, making no sign of preparing to stop and chat. He's only speaking because he was addressed.] No one knows where this is. A lot of people have arrived, but no one's been able to leave. The best guess is that it's some kind of crossroad.

Hee. I thought you might like that. :3

Hmm~ A place with no name? How mysterious!

[Fai gives up on toweling himself dry--his clothes are too heavy, and absorbed too much water for that to work. So he drapes the towel he'd used around his neck, snatches up his rarther fluffeh ♥ still-dripping coat, and walks towards Sasu-tanke.]

Speaking of names, mine is Fai D. Flowright! [And since this guy seems like Kurogane Mr. Black Big Puppy the type to need a little prompting--] What's yours? You might as well tell me, since we're stuck here together forever~

It is delightful. XD

[His head turns slightly at the name. Fai. Why is that...


...Ah. The memory's buried in one he tries not to think about if he can, but he's pretty certain.

He'd call it coincidence elsewhere, but here, no. Not to mention he's starting to understand that sense of deja vu.]
Uchiha Sasuke.

[Naturally, that's the most Fai's getting without further prompting.]

[Fai catches that faint spark of recognition--and oh, but this one is just WAY too much like Kurogane for him to resist. He makes something of a snap judgment here, in more ways than one, and puts most of his cards on the table.]

Nice to meet you, Sasu-chii! ♥ But it looks like you've heard my name somewhere before. [He taps his chin with a finger, though his eyes don't leave Sasuke.] Where might that have been, I wonder~?











[Normally, he Does Not Care about honorifics either way, but that. That.

That deserves correcting. Very stiff-like.]

It's Sasuke.

[Smile~smile~such a fakesmile~]

That's exactly what I said, Sasu-rin! [The light, semi-goofy smile stays, but his eyes open, the look in them steady, cool, and calmly knowing.] And you didn't answer my question.

[The totally-not-glowering!face stays, and a part of him contemplates just moving on -- but his irritation is checked by the knowledge of who this could be (and probably is).

Still, partly because he's an ass and partly because he's not about to go throwing out names and information (not when it comes to Sakura, anyway), he remains deliberately vague, preferring to see how Fai reacts.]
I've met a lot of people here from places I've never heard of. Your name's come up with one of them now and again.


[It's not at all impossible that Sasuke might've met one of this traveling companions...but they're not the only people who know Fai's name, or might come looking for him. And Fai doesn't know anything at all about Sasuke, really, and not exactly the trusting type, though he hides it well.

...Still, it's probably Syaoran-kun or Sakura-chan, or maybe Mokona. Kurogane would deny all knowledge of him. But regardless of the probablies, it's best to be cautious, if only for the sake of his companions.]

Ohhhh~? And who might that be, I wonder~?


[He holds the look coolly, but still with that vague, lingering irritation.

They're obviously in a similar position, but all the same, he's going to be stubborn about it. If this is who he thinks it is, it wouldn't do right on Sakura's end not to mention her; if he's not, though, it doesn't hurt to be careful. Just in case.

His eyes close dismissively as he turns away.]
This place isn't that big. If you're the same Fai, you'll run into the one I'm talking about sooner or later.

[And now attempting an Exit Walk]

[Moving faster than most would give him credit for, Fai closes the distance between them and snags the back of Sasuke's shirt-collar, pulling him backwards. And while he's built a lot skinnier lankier than Sasuke, he's also got several inches on him. |3]

Going so soon, Sasu-pon? It isn't very polite to leave a newcomer all on his own, now, is it?

[STILL hanging onto that collar, lol. And Fai's not worried about his own well-being all that much, so even if there's danger in asking...well, he doesn't really care.]

I bet it was either a boy with brown hair and eyes and a determined look on his face, or a cute girl with chestnut hair and green eyes! Which one was it? [Doesn't let go of Sasuke's shirt, but rubs his chin with his other hand.] Sakura-chan would probably be more likely to ask around about us, so I would guess it's her!

Here's hoping LJ stays up long enough for me to get some replies in...

[His head turns quickly -- nearly snaps in Fai's direction, rather -- but he doesn't react other than stopping, or even visibly tense. That glowering evolves into a full-fledged glare, though.

He doesn't budge at Sakura's description. Then, finally and flatly,]
...So you do know Sakura.

[After a moment, he makes a clear effort to abruptly tug himself out of Fai's grip, sending an elbow behind him to knock that arm away if need be.]


[Fai just keeps with the ~smile~smiling~ and maintains his grip on Sasuke's collar, both holding on and avoiding that elbow with an extremely annoying sort of ease.]

Yup, that's right, Sasu-ryuu! We're traveling together! Or rather, we were before we got separated. That's been happening a lot recently.

[He tugs at the collar a little, mostly just to be annoying and tease the younger man, but...also sort of like a horseback-rider shaking the reins to urge a reluctant mount forward. |D]

Anyway! You must know where Sakura-chan is! And I'm sure you'd just love to show me the way, wouldn't you, Sasu-chin~? ♥

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