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[Random thing] Ohh, oh -- oh those su~mmer n~ights! ...and days.
Dorky!Peter is love.
its_game_time wrote in transgenicprose
Initially, this was intended as a playground post locked to some newcomer players, but after typing up these threads, I decided what the hey, I'll make them public and open to whoever. For the most part. Why not.

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[He leads Ms. Pac-Man around the board twice -- panicking at least once when Pinky cuts it a little too close -- before he realizes he's not alone anymore. He glances over his shoulder, double-takes in surprise, takes a sharp right turn by mistake -- and runs right into Clyde without realizing. 8C] Oh--

[OH CRAP he lost again. >| Ah, well. He turns back to the stranger.] Uh--hi.

[......Howlonghasshebeenstandingthere. ._.] Oh -- it's not too loud, is it? [He couldn't figure out how to turn it down, all right.]

...........I need to play Turnabout Memories again...

[Come to think of it, upon hearing the "blooping" of Ms. Pac-Man's defeat, Mia slightly recalls hearing that sound quite a bit when she was in the hall...]

Huh? Oh! Uh, no. Not really...

(Though it is pretty loud...)

Oh, um... You are...?

I need to play it, period. :|

[And since it's an introduction -- to a lady, particularly -- Luke quickly stands to face her properly.]

Ah, right -- I'm Luke. Luke fon Fabre. [And he has to speak a little loudly to be heard over the sudden start of more music at the Main Menu. |D;]


Oh, I'm Mia. Mia Fey.

[She looks past him and at the TV.]

...Uh, what is that? A video game?

[Mia's... really not that good with electronics.]


[OH, yeah, "video game." That's what they called it on the Isle, wasn't it?]

Uh--yeah. I haven't been in this room before, but it had a few of those. It's the only one I've tried, though.

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