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[Random thing] Ohh, oh -- oh those su~mmer n~ights! ...and days.
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Initially, this was intended as a playground post locked to some newcomer players, but after typing up these threads, I decided what the hey, I'll make them public and open to whoever. For the most part. Why not.

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[A look of (harmless) realization crosses her face, and after a moment she nods.]

I met someone here a while back who told me something like that. His name was... Mr. Lensherr, I think. He said he was a mutant, too.

[...And he said some other things, too, things going right in line with what Laura just said about social acceptance.]

So your... [Mutations? Powers?] The kinds of things you can do -- is each one different?


[There's the slightest flicker of recognition on hearing that name--Magneto has been sighted here; current location and alignment are impossible to determine, but he should not be difficult to locate since subtlety is not his typical M.O., and he is unlikely to be hostile towards another mutant; another immediate surveillance sweep of the area is advisable--and her eyes stray towards the door leading back outside. Until Claire asks her question, that is.]

A wide array of mutations exists. [Or did exist, rather, but that information is unnecessary to this conversation.] Some individuals possess similar powers, while others are wholly unique so far as we are aware.

[Claire nods, a gesture of understanding.] That kind of diversity seems kind of common around here, from what I've heard. Hopefully that means it won't be such a big deal.

[It isn't to her, at least, as long as those claws aren't pointed in her direction or anything. Her experience with the superhuman has been anything but positive -- Wesker, Alexia, Tyrants -- but Claire knows firsthand that appearances and DNA are just... things. Features. It's the mind behind them that matters.

Like Steve. Even after he changed, he still...

Her eyes drop, the look in them fleetingly grim, and a second later she redirects them to the ball she was going after previously. Reaching it, she kicks it up into her hands and holds it against her hip; by the time she looks at Laura again, her lighthearted air is back.]

Good game. Maybe we can get a bigger group together sometime and have a real match. [SHE CALLS DIBS ON BEING ON LAURA'S TEAM o/]


[Claire's words seem earnest, and Laura doesn't detect any hint of a lie in her heartbeat. Still, she doesn't feel the need to comment. If things are better here, then they are better. If they are the same, nothing has changed. If they are worse--which seems the most likely in a strange location and situation like this--then Laura will simply deal with it and survive, just as she always has.

...Would Claire, she wonders, qualify as someone we should die for...? She is clearly not a mutant, but she does not seem to be anything other than what she portrays herself as. She does not seem like a bad person.

X tilts her head a bit at the mention of a real match.]

"A real match" would be..."fun."

[She says it almost more like a question, clearly seeking affirmation on this point.]

[That gets a friendly half-grin of agreement] I think it would be. I know a couple people you might get more of a challenge out of, at least.

[...Well, maybe. If she goes up against them all at once?]

I do not know the rules of this game.

[She just copied what Claire did, and what she was doing beforehand when she was practising, so she has a vague idea of the "no hands" rule, though that does not seem to apply to the person keeping the ball out of the net.]

It's pretty much what we did, just with more people. You'd probably get a good idea if you watched a game or two on TV, but we'd just be doing something casual, anyway. Kick ball, score points, try to stop the other team from doing the same thing.

Pretty simple stuff.

[When it's put that way, it does sound pretty easy, but...there must be more to it than that. Still, it is a "game" and thus not a matter of life and death (so far as Laura knows, anyway), so perhaps it will be okay to learn as she plays.]

I...will look forward to this game.

[Once again said a trifle uncertainly, though not nearly so much as before.]

Thank you, Claire.

[Thank you for including her, and for not judging her, calling her crazy, or flipping out in any other way.]

[Claire picks up that there's probably something more to the gratitude than just the game invite, but she just nods, still smiling.] No problem. It's one way to stay sane in this place.

[Not that she's been hit with anything half as bad as what she's heard tale of, but just being stuck anywhere unwillingly is enough to be intimidating. She would know]

Or, you know, if you ever want to just hang out or whatever, I'm pretty sure I'll be around. [Another joke, at least as far as the "being around" part is concerned.]

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[Sorry Claire, but Laura gets about 5% of jokes. On a good day.

...Today is not a good day, by the way.]

Then you have found a way out.

[Not so much a question this time, but very heavy on the tell me how, and tell me quick tone.]

[Ah, now Claire feels bad. 8(]

Oh--uh, no, sorry. That was a joke.

A bad one.

[She's from Resident Evil, she can't help it. Bad jokes come naturally.]

I do not understand. Suggesting that you have found a way out when you have not is...funny?

[...Like I said, noooot a good day for jokes.]

Well, I... guess it was more... subtle humor. Being stuck here's pretty much a given, so acting like I might not be here was kind of...


Yeah, it was a bad joke. [At least it beats "We sure got to the ROOT of that problem!" after killing a giant plant. :T]

Yes, it was.

[And it's pretty clear from her still-slightly-frowning expression that she still doesn't understand, really, but...she also doesn't really care all that much and she's still feeling the need to see if you can find Magneto SO.]

Magneto--Erik Lensherr--where was your encounter?


I'm... not really sure where. It was a few months ago, back when some of us were thrown together for lunch. Valentine's Day. It was some kind of restaurant, but I haven't seen the place since.

[She's noticed the recognition in Laura's reactions, so this is a pretty "duh" question, but--] You know him?

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