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Like a gaydar only completely different.
alory_shannon wrote in transgenicprose

I think it's about time for a new post around here. Thus, I present to you:

~The Morning After Meme~
{stolen from fountainofcod}

Your character has just had a night filled with wild, crazy, drunken partying. Inhibitions were lost, and good times were had by all; it's really too bad they can't remember any of it. They find themselves waking up in a posh hotel suite in very unmade bed, feeling peaceful and oddly refreshed (or hellishly hungover, your choice). There's just one problem—who is that next to them?!

❥ Post with your character in bed: asleep, awake, fully clothed, in the buff, in their P.J.s, in someone else's clothes, all totally up to you. …And yes, this time you DO actually have to leave a comment for each separate character you want involved—no muse lists!
❥ Other characters will respond as your character's bedmate.
❥ The two discover each other, and flailing and shenanigans ensue. (Whether or not they actually did anything other than sleep and/or cuddle a bit = up to the players--just make sure you both agree on what happened!)
❥ ?????

[...Just an FYI, humour is the point of this post rather than smut. "Stuff" might've happened the night before so long as both parties agree on that, but in present time, let's just have fun and keep it clean!]

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ALL THE THINGS omg you weren't even kidding haha I love it <33333

[It is just as soft as it looks, but the fact that he shifts in response to her touch has her snatching back her hand (to clap it over her mouth) and flailing silently. But...w-well, it's probably best to get his over with, isn't it...and he certainly looks like a nice enough person, and she doesn't get a bad feeling from him at all, so it'll probably be all right.]

Ah, um...g-good morning, stranger-san...!

[Honestly, being awoken unexpectedly isn't too surprising -- even if it's by a stranger, because he's been stirred more than once after drifting off in public in the past. So being awoken when he expects to be alone doesn't get to him.

Neither does the fact that the voice isn't one he immediately recognizes.

What does get him is how close that voice is -- almost like it's... on his level... 8|a

An exhale, another half-grunt, and then his hands drop and he looks over -- and tenses a little in surprise at the proximity of... whoever it is because he still can't see 100% and who uses blinds that thin augh--

He sits up a little quickly, confusion and lingering sleep on his face and--


God, what did he do last night?]


[Smooth, Yuri. Smooth. He might have his jerk moments, but he knows asking "who're you, again?" isn't the best way to go about this.

But hey, they're dressed, at least -- checked with a quick double glance. And then he's looking around the room, which he... doesn't... recognize, either.



[+1 Casual]

[The way that he...he's just so calm about it sets the Princess reeling just a bit, because...maybe that means he's somewhat used to this sort of thing...? Which might mean...but no, she's sticking with her initial impressions and refuses to jump to any conclusions, and they're both dressed and he sat up quickly enough and looked startled enough for a moment that she's maybe just a little reassured about what sort of person he is. Uhm. Whoever...he is...]

I, ah, I! I-I-I'm sorry for intruding, stranger-san! I can't--can't remember anything from l-last...uhm, s-so I don't know how I got here or what...happened, but I'm sorry if I took advantage of your kindness in any way!

[...Yeeeeeeah, still mentally keysmashing here. And more than just a little, sorry, Yuri. |D ]

[Agh, what--

He raises an eyebrow, looking thoroughly perplexed.]

Whoa, hey, easy -- it's okay. Don't apologize.

[He runs a hand over the back of his head, mussing up his already untidy hair.] ...To tell the truth, I don't remember it, either -- and I don't have the mountain of a headache saying too many drinks were to blame.

[He looks thoughtful, staring across the room] ...I'm having a hard time remembering anything after sundown, actually.

[And then he looks back to the pretty stranger. It all seems rather haphazard, doesn't it. Like a bad practical joke.]

Aside from the shock factor, you're okay, right? Nothing out of place?

[The blinks at him from where she's half-hidden herself behind the blanket, willing herself to calm down and stop flailing, and gives a small and somewhat uncertain nod.]

...Ah, yes I think--

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[She, uh, SHE...IS ACTUALLY MISSING SOMETHING, NOW THAT SHE TOOK THE TIME TO TAKE STOCK OF THINGS...but HECK if she can bring herself to say that she's missing those.

...And this sudden realisation is Not Really Helped...when she notices something white and lacy, er. Tucked...beneath the far side of Yuri's pillow. |D]


[At at the angle he's sitting, he's totally oblivious to said something.

The way she suddenly cuts herself off, though, is more noticeable.]

What? You're sure?




[But still... UH. M-maybe she can just play it off...?]

N-no! I mean, yes, I'm sure! I'm fine! How--how about you, stranger-san?


He's not convinced in the least, but he'll roll with it.]

It's Yuri. Yuri Lowell.

And yeah, I'm fine -- uh...? [There's just a hint of a question there -- the way one might add Miss...?]

[She is still inwardly keyboard-smashing,'s okay really, her nightgown falls to her knees, and she doesn't...feel any different or anything though she's innocent enough that...she's not quite sure what, or if, she WOULD feel any different if Something Had Happened, so was all an accident somehow...?]

Oh, I'm Sakura! [Let's just...not tell him she's a princess, because that doesn't really matter...prettymuch ever, at least not to Sakura herself, SO.

And let's also...try to ignore that other thing and be friendly, and maybe she can grab her panties later on when he's not looking or something...?]

Uhm, you know where we are?

[That gets one of those amused, almost-pitying-but-not-really-it's-mostly-just-amused looks] "Yuri-san," huh? That makes it a bit of a mouthful.

[But he won't tell her not to use it, because he doesn't particularly care at the moment. Yuri just turns aside, moving to his feet with an absent roll of his shoulders that earns a couple stiff pops as he looks around, his back to her -- and noting in the back of his mind that he doesn't see his sword anywhere, but it's a moot point for now.]

Not particularly. If I had to guess, I'd say it's not too far from Limbo. If it is, we'll probably find ourselves back there sooner or later, anyway.

[...She doesn't quite...know...if that means that he wants her to stop calling him that, but he didn't actually say to stop, so Sakura figures it's okay to keep calling him that. And he definitely didn't seem offended by it or anything, so!

She watches him get up, her eyes straying sideways towards...but ah, no! If he catches where she's looking, then he'll look, and...!

Thus, luckily the Princess will once again be looking straight at Yuri if/when he turns to face her. Until then, she'll keep looking at his back, as well as the curtained window in front of him, still trying to figure him out somewhat. Even in this sort of situation, he seems so laid-back and at's a vaguely comforting--or maybe just comfortable--sort of feeling.]

...Oh...yes, you're probably right. Unless...maybe this is just another part of that place that we hadn't seen yet? It does seem to change a lot, doesn't it?

Yeah, it does. Way too much, if you ask me. [He turns back to her as he makes an absent motion of cuffing his left sleeve, which apparently came loose in his sleep. That's what he gets for going to bed in his usual clothes... although, again, he can't remember when or why he did. Laziness, probably.]

Either way, might not hurt to look around. Not that being moved in my sleep by some unseen force isn't convenient, [Hey, there, sarcasm. Long time, no see -- what's it been, a few hours?] but I'd prefer finding a normal way back, if there is one.

How about you?

[Translation: I'm cool with sticking together, but if you'd rather part ways, my feelings won't be hurt.]

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