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[Free for All] There's no reason to run, although I may.
Like a gaydar only completely different.
alory_shannon wrote in transgenicprose

I think it's about time for a new post around here. Thus, I present to you:

~The Morning After Meme~
{stolen from fountainofcod}

Your character has just had a night filled with wild, crazy, drunken partying. Inhibitions were lost, and good times were had by all; it's really too bad they can't remember any of it. They find themselves waking up in a posh hotel suite in very unmade bed, feeling peaceful and oddly refreshed (or hellishly hungover, your choice). There's just one problem—who is that next to them?!

❥ Post with your character in bed: asleep, awake, fully clothed, in the buff, in their P.J.s, in someone else's clothes, all totally up to you. …And yes, this time you DO actually have to leave a comment for each separate character you want involved—no muse lists!
❥ Other characters will respond as your character's bedmate.
❥ The two discover each other, and flailing and shenanigans ensue. (Whether or not they actually did anything other than sleep and/or cuddle a bit = up to the players--just make sure you both agree on what happened!)
❥ ?????

[...Just an FYI, humour is the point of this post rather than smut. "Stuff" might've happened the night before so long as both parties agree on that, but in present time, let's just have fun and keep it clean!]

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[For a moment, all the Princess can do is look at him. Of her companions, Yuri-san reminds her most of...Syaoran-kun, actually, just a little. There's a calm, self-possessed air about him, as well as the sense that he's holding something back and the feeling that...he is the determined type: if he decides to do something, he'll do it, regardless of the cost to himself.

...And Syaoran-kun always seemed know the right thing to say, was always able to point out the good in things to make her feel better, though he didn't hesitate to point out the bad things, too, if he thought it was necessary.

Maybe that's not Yuri-san 100%, but from what she's seen so far...well, he just reminds her of Syaoran-kun, that's all. Even though they look nothing at all alike...]


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