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[Free for All] There's no reason to run, although I may.
Like a gaydar only completely different.
alory_shannon wrote in transgenicprose

I think it's about time for a new post around here. Thus, I present to you:

~The Morning After Meme~
{stolen from fountainofcod}

Your character has just had a night filled with wild, crazy, drunken partying. Inhibitions were lost, and good times were had by all; it's really too bad they can't remember any of it. They find themselves waking up in a posh hotel suite in very unmade bed, feeling peaceful and oddly refreshed (or hellishly hungover, your choice). There's just one problem—who is that next to them?!

❥ Post with your character in bed: asleep, awake, fully clothed, in the buff, in their P.J.s, in someone else's clothes, all totally up to you. …And yes, this time you DO actually have to leave a comment for each separate character you want involved—no muse lists!
❥ Other characters will respond as your character's bedmate.
❥ The two discover each other, and flailing and shenanigans ensue. (Whether or not they actually did anything other than sleep and/or cuddle a bit = up to the players--just make sure you both agree on what happened!)
❥ ?????

[...Just an FYI, humour is the point of this post rather than smut. "Stuff" might've happened the night before so long as both parties agree on that, but in present time, let's just have fun and keep it clean!]

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8( ....aaaand I think Yuri is lampshading TotA here...

[Yuri thought it before, and now he thinks it again: this girl (young woman, whatever) rings a bell or two to Estelle, for a couple reasons, and because of that, maybe, his reply comes easily -- more naturally, even, than usual.]

Just start where you can. That might sound vague, but it's not really something you can force. Like I said, you need the help of people you trust, but it's possible -- especially if you trust 'em to be completely honest with you.

Listening to them and trying to change as a result is the hard part.

[1/2] It's like, HELLO, GIRLS CAN KICK ASS, TOO, CLAMP!! ....& lolYEAH he is X'D

[...People she trusts--well, she's already prettymuch decided to trust you, Yuri-san, and you are being completely honest with her, so...!

Her hands come up to clench into fists, almost a rather awkward-looking fighting stance of sorts, and determined!fais is GO.]

Mm! Yuri-san is right! About--about needing help and listening and being honest, so--!

[The fists are gone, replaced by the Princess clapping both hands together in front of her face, then ducking her head in a respectful sort of bow in that semi-odd or maybe just cultural pleeeeease help me! anime style]

--Uhm, since Yuri-san has worked as a mercenary and probably knows about...fighting to protect people...if he wouldn't mind helping me learn, at least a little...and since we're trapped here for now, it would give us something to do! A-and since you're part of a guild, if I could find a way to pay you, it would be okay, right? So, if Yuri-san doesn't mind...

[Oh. Well.

He meant someone she was closer to, but... all the same, it's not an impossible request. Nor is it a bad one. And like she says, they are undeniably stuck for now.

And logic aside, it's someone who needs help -- not in the usual sense, maybe, but Yuri doesn't discriminate that deeply. Neither can he turn his back on her, as anyone who really knows him would point out.

So after a brief look of slight surprise, he again returns to neutral, seeming to think that over.]

Well, I wouldn't mind -- but all the same, since we are stuck here, I wouldn't necessarily consider it a guild matter. [Because guild matters do involve pay, even if it's largely out of regard for Karol's rules (as far as Yuri's concerned); so if it's not guild-related, he's under no obligation to take anything in return, he figures.]

I'd say... it's more of a favor between friends. That okay?

[Beaming once again, Sakura gives an enthusiastic nod.]

Mm! That would be fine with me! [&, still smiling, but a bit more shyly now, because...what could she ever help him with, ffff] But...if Yuri-san ever needs help with anything that I can help him with...he can ask me for help, too, okay? As a favour between friends?

[She's offering as much as trying to get him to say that yes, he'll ask for help. He really does have a similar "vibe" to Syaoran-kun's, and Syaoran-kun always tried to do too much by himself, and had trouble asking other people for help, so...]

[So she might sound a little more stubborn than usual as she adds,]

It's only fair, after all!

[He can't help that open, goofy and adorable, tbh grin of his. Once upon a time, he'd have resisted -- but he's learned since, and by way of the very method he recommended, no less: friends who cared too much to let him go on being an independent idiot.]

Okay, okay. Consider it a deal.


[She resists the urge to squee openly, but can't resist giving him a 50 megawatt smile and a thumbs-up.]

Thank you, Yuri-san!

[She pushes herself up from the table, leaving about half of her breakfast uneaten--eagerness + excitement = Very Yes, and also > food]

When do we start? What should I learn first?

[And is she dressed okay...for...oh EEK, she'd almost forgotten about THAT. Well, here's hoping her dress stays down/is long enough to be active in...?]

[Yuri leans back in his chair, hooking one elbow over the back of it casually as he considers.]

Well, since we've got the time, I guess we can get the primary details out of the way. What kind of abilities do you specialize in? Anything goes, no matter how small. I just need an idea of what you can already do.

[Basically, what exactly does he have to work with here -- short-range, long-range, a caster, a brawler (although he doubts that one)...]

[What...she specializes in...u-uhm... Dreams, and having obscure magic powers/quirks, and...being the Bravest Little Toaster Ever. |D;; Oh, and she can play the lap harp, too.


Ah, uhm, I've used a gun a few times--and I'm a pretty good shot, too! But other than that...

[Her rather embarrassed flush likely speaks worlds here.]

[...Well. Now he understands her concerns, at least.

One eyebrow goes up in curious surprise, but then he just rubs his chin thoughtfully as he glances aside again.]

Well, it's something. About how many actual fights have you been in? [His tone remains lazily curious -- not pushing or skeptical. Just gathering details.]

Edited at 2012-08-22 03:34 am (UTC)

I've been around quite a few of them, but three of my companions have always been the ones who do the actual fighting...

[She can't help but duck her head, looking very sad and perhaps even slightly ashamed.]

...I always knew if I tried to do anything myself I'd just get in their way and make things worse for them...they're all very strong, you see.

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[TOTAL iconfais now, man]

...So even when terrible, painful things happened to them, all I could do was watch...!

[oh God what did Yuri do]

Hey. [It's firm, but not at all cruel -- he's just making sure she pays attention.]

It sounds rough -- and seeing's how I wasn't there, I'm not about to lecture you on whatever happened. But you're making an effort to change that, right? So that's what you need to focus on.

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