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[NOTICE] More bandwagon-hopping, modly details and things
its_game_time wrote in transgenicprose
So, since this box has kind of developed from "a storage-like place to toss up random threads and logs that don't fit anywhere else" to that PLUS being almost a mini-game of its own in that we've more or less established a setting and general (random) premise, I figured I'd toss us all a few more bones.

1) First off, the issue of communication between characters. Up to now, it's been the basic, old-school style of anyone-can-post-as-they-like -- and TP will continue to have that, of course, but for the sake of quickie posts and lazy people like me who don't want to and/or can't commit to a whole big POST post all the time, I've decided to adopt that fad that we see in games a lot: communication devices capable of video/audio/text posts, filtered or unfiltered. Picture any smartphone of your choice -- we'll say they just appeared one day, conveniently without instructions, so anyone from early eras should have a fun time figuring them out. |D New characters can receive/find them shortly after arriving. Obviously, the catch is that they can't call home with them.

AS ALWAYS, this is optional, and just a little quirky thing I thought I'd throw in to try and make the place more interesting as well as provide peeps a manner of doing their own thing when I'm lagging in tags and sorely neglecting them.

2) I went and fixed up the comm's profile page, and I created a post (or I will, rather, shortly after posting this one) for muse lists. Optionally, you can comment there and list the entirety of your muses currently present at TP for reference plus it just looks neat and pretty that way -- and since LJ now allows free members to edit their comments, you can even do the nifty thing of going back and adding/removing muses from your list without necessarily deleting and reposting.

3) I went and added more details (including the communications thing) to the Intro Post, just to give TP-ville a more rounded feel. DO TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK, because your opinions are obvs valued since you people make this place exist. :'D

SO. Pretty straightforward. Suggestions/questions/input/etc. always encouraged, of course.


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