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Knight of Gadoria.
souledge_knight wrote in transgenicprose
Chloe Valens is in ur random RP threads, hunting ur evil-doers and drowning in ur rivers.

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... /couldn't resist any longer XD

[...Considering his BFF's history with SRS BIZNIZ lady-knights Flynn-muse would just like to make it known that one "Yuri Lowell" =/= evil-doer, k and if he was, it would be my responsibility to deal with it, not anyone else's]

-fff was wondering when/where you'd give in-

[Chloe-muse would appreciate it if you didn't compare her to such dishonorable... people, no offense, and assures him that she's not quick to apply to word "evil" to anyone and respects the individual jurisdictions of fellow knights enough to not interfere unless she deems it highly necessary.]

Heh. You know me too well. XD

[Flynn-muse is quick to apologise and to politely state that no disrespect was intended, and also that the person in question...has good intentions, but her methods of carrying them out could definitely still use some work and he is/was/will be/has been addressing that with her and is deeply grateful for Chloe-muse's apparent forbearance.]

[Chloe-muse equally assures him that not much offense was taken and while she deems it out of line to criticize another's subordinates, she agrees that addressing aforementioned person's 'methods' would indeed be the best course of action as soon as possible and insists that it's nothing to thank her for.]

[Flynn-muse is equally (and very, very politely) insistent that yes, it really is something to be thankful for because it relates to his BFF's safety after all, and is relieved that not much offense was taken, though if there's ever some way he can make it up to her, he is at her disposal, and finishes his statement with the standard clenched-fist/arm-held-horizontally-across-the-chest salute of the Imperial Knights and a slight, respectful bow of his head which ffff I don't have enough icon space to upload an icon of him doing that BUT I DO HAVE AT LEAST ONE.]

fff all my other muses are kinda rolling their eyes @ the utter politeness & upsurge of manners here

[Chloe-muse is somewhat taken aback, because she's not too used to knights (aside from herself) being anything other than arrogant douchebags, but quick to assure him that she will remember his kindness and adds that if she can ever be of any assistance in turn, she beseeches him not to hesitate to seek her out.]

[And then after a split-second salutes in return.]


[Flynn-muse...realises that he has not ever really given her his name, nor does he know hers, but he and his mun are both unsure as to whether this meeting will count for anything, since it's in brackets and all third-person/present-tense without any actual dialogue BUT...oh well, mun will comment with him again, and properly this time, if she ever once she beats ToV, so whatev.]

[...So I guess for now, have a friendly smile before he heads off on patrol again.]

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