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Knight of Gadoria.
souledge_knight wrote in transgenicprose
Chloe Valens is in ur random RP threads, hunting ur evil-doers and drowning in ur rivers.

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[...okay, is ttly at her service now, should she need him~ |D]

[...and we all know how HE avoids drowning in rivers, TY PS3 version crack X'D]

[She is surprised but pleasantly pleased that he remembers her, and thanks him for his courtesy before assuring him that she will most certainly remember his service in the event that she needs it.]

[...although she does a doubletake at the journal name, she says nothing. XD]

[He says of course he'd remember her--he doesn't really meet all that many lady knights, particularly ones with such presence. Specifically lady knights who wear and obviously know how to handle a sword--most of the women in the Imperial Knights tend to be spellcasters.]

[...he can use this journal instead, if she'd rather. |D;;]

[And that makes her flush a fair bit because--compliment, orz, and from an obvious superior judging by his Upperclass Armor there, but she's determined to overcome it -- enough that she finally shatters all this confusing third-person stuff.]

Thank you, Sir... but I admit that I've done little to earn such a favorable opinion.

[She insists that nonono, either is fine! 8|;]

[lol Humility is only gonna earn her more points. :D]

Honestly, I think I'd have to say the same about myself.

[...All right then, if she's sure...]

[...skdfjsdf that's such a cute nice smile. :x]

Oh--no! You've been very kind and helpful! And it's very respectful of you to show so much regard over those whom you have authority -- ah -- [is hesitant to add an unsure title after that, because he looks to be at least captain level, but... crossing 'verses makes it hard to determine, and she certainly doesn't want to offend him...]

[very!] Icon keywords = wrooooong rank |D;;

[lol ttly oblivious~]

[shakes his head] All I've done so far is to offer you my aid should you need it. That's simply fulfilling my duty as a Knight. [catches that hesitance, and decides to make it easy for her] And a Commandant who isn't concerned with the welfare of people he's been placed over isn't deserving of his position.

[...thank goodness. 8|;]

Comm--! [and this humble? Since when. But she recovers shortly.] E-Excuse me, I didn't realize...

But even fulfilling your duties, you're-- [kind of... mentally flails for a word that won't make her embarrass herself or show disrespect for her own superiors, but the pause itself kinda does the former anyway before she finally manages,] ...that is, I've had little interaction with the Commandant of my own faction, but... you're not like him at all. Sir. [/said in such a way that it's obviously a good thing, btw.]

....Fffff They STILL haven't exchanged names, have they. |D;;;;;

[fff The man practically has an IN-GAME FANCLUB and doesn't even seem to realise it. |D;]

[gives an almost sheepish little smile] You don't need to apologise. I haven't held this position for very long as of yet, and I'm aware that I'm rather young for it, so a measure of surprise is only to be expected.

[grows a little solemn at that second part, because the memory of Alexei is still too fresh (and painful, if he's entirely honest, because the man he'd so respected and looked up to had betrayed them all, and ultimately even himself, and for what?) to be forgotten so soon] ...It can be easy to lose sight of your original goals and many things that you once believed to be important when you're placed in a position of power, especially one as high as Commandant. I don't know your Commandant, so I can't say anything as to his character, but...I certainly hope that he hasn't lost sight of what knighthood is supposed to mean. When someone that high up starts down that sort of path...

[trails off, thinking of Alexei again, and though she can't know specifically what he's thinking about, his expression probably makes it obvious that he's experienced that sort of 'moral atrophy' firsthand]


[...In other words, crushing on him is potentially as hopeless difficult as crushing on Senel. Meanwhile, Yuri-muse watches this conversation and thinks, Yeaahh, he's as clueless as ever.]

[There's no mistaking that look and tone, so she's momentarily silent, unsure what to say to that when she doesn't know the specifics... although, even she did...] ...It... is a possibility that comes with authority... [...augh, she's not making this better and she doesn't want him so sad looking--] --but--! [looks up, everything about her tone and words firm and convinced] --that's where people like us stand to correct it. [and that color flares up a bit more, but she pushes on,] For what it's worth, considering how long I've known you... I can't picture you ever making such a mistake. And if you're familiar with it... that only means you're in a better standing to prevent it in others. [...okay, that flare is more than just "a bit" DX]


[...At least he doesn't have a clingy "sister" hanging around to get in the way? And he's not thick-headed or BLIND to that sort of thing, just...too modest to simply ASSUME someone would like him like that. ...Flynn-muse just looks at him sideways and says, Like YOU'RE one to talk, Yuri...]

[He blinks a little at the unexpected...comfort? Vote of confidence? It's sort of both, really--then smiles, a little more gently than usual. Because there's really no missing that blush and he wants to put her at ease, since...he sort of thinks it's probably due to his rank.]

...I'm honoured that you think so highly of me already. I can only hope I prove worthy of that kind of trust. And regardless of what I've experienced, I know I still have to be careful. Thinking you're infallible, that there's no way you'll make the same mistakes as the people who went before you is dangerous... [and here he looks to the side, his smile growing warmer, fonder] But I'm not too worried about that, really. I have a very good friend who'll be watching every step I take, and the moment I start to stray even the slightest bit, I know he'll call me on it.

[...because lolYES the BFF sap gets EVERYWHERE k XD <33]

[, but he has a clingy, psycho bitch who Chloe could TTLY take any day, mmkay. Regardless... still not much easier than Senel. XD ...Yuri-muse knooooows Flynn isn't calling him clueless.]

[Despite her remaining flush and the return of that smile, she can't help smiling back at that, and warmly -- since she's able to completely relate this time.] I'm glad to hear it--Sir. [was going to address him as Commandant ____, but at that second it occurred to her that she doesn't know his name, which means she never--]

Oh! [Straightens up even more than she already has, if possible, that briefly comfortable smile immediately gone] Chloe -- Chloe Valens, at your service. [...NO, WAIT, she should have said that at the beginning -- in the middle of a conversation, she should've... it would've been better, anyway, to... agh...]

[...Ffff OKAY NEW SHIP Shirley+Sodia--THEY CAN JUST GO BE FAIL TOGETHER SOMEWHERE ELSE...but then that would leave both Flynn AND Senel open, wouldn't it...hmm~ who's a girl to choose~? |3 ...Surely Yuri-muse hasn't forgotten what Estelle said Flynn told her...]


I apologise, I should have given you my name when I offered you my aid.

[returns the salute-of-sorts, but keeps his easy smile] Flynn Scifo, at your service as well.

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