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[Free for All] All the cool kids are doing it

> Post with your characters
> Others respond In Character with how they feel about them. They're compelled to be honest!
> If they've never met in character, they can make something up!

As a small notice, transgenicprose now has a "intro post" of sorts, thought up by the ever-creative alory_shannon. Simply put, if you want to bring a new muse into the place but, say, have no event post going on at the time to throw him/her into, this can be the go-to place for a quick "get the lowdown on this here musebox" scenario. It's pretty much regarded as a free for all: as n00bs arrive, any character can jump in and welcome them by saying hey (or whatever else). It'll be treated as a sticky post and remain at the top of the community, so there's no real "window of activity" for it. It'll be something of an endlessly open post to serve as need be.

So, long story short, just treat it as you would any other post. ♥ Y'all know I have very few rules (if any. I actually have any, come to think of it?) around here, so it's entirely optional, of course, even for new new muses.

/end notice

EDIT: OKAY I am either extremely LJ-retarded or just don't know what I'm doing because I can't do the Date Out Of Order thing on a community post. MEH SCREW IT just pretend it's at the top, then. I'll just put a link to it in the profile. Unless someone can correct me.

EDIT #2: OH WAIT now the FAQ says you can't do it in comm posts. Oh, screw you, LJ.

EDIT #3: OKAY NVM alory_shannon fixed it. 8D You can now find the link at the top of the comm. ♥

[Leon + Jill] because my scars are your scars
She still couldn't get used to the noise.Collapse )

[Free for all] E~very February, you'll be my Valenti~ne
SasuSaku; snake love
[Hope you all enjoyed recovering from injuries and/or humiliation and/or trauma your idle time since December. Yes?

Well, there's something of a treat this month. To celebrate the hard-to-ignore Valentine's Day, you'll find yourself suddenly and inexplicably in a very nice restaurant--you know the kind. Expensive. Foreign music. Covered tables and fancy paintings on the walls. Oddly enough, there's no one and nothing else in the place besides you, the table you're sitting at, and whatever blind date happens to end up across from you.

Yep, not much trickery or magic this time around: you and your significant other will just be treated to a free meal (which will just... appear in front of you the instant neither of you are looking at the table) with (hopefully) decent company. There is one little catch, though--okay, two catches: you'll find that the doors won't open (and the walls won't give, for you super-powered types) until exactly half an hour has passed, and any weapons on your person will have temporarily disappeared. Powers are still a go, but really, guns and knives just aren't that romantic.

Thirty peaceful minutes to get to know someone--not bad, right? Generous, even!

Ah, okay, one more catch:

You can't get stuck with anyone you've interacted with here at transgenicprose before!

This is all about the blind date aspect--it wouldn't do any good if you just hooked up with your friends and stayed within the comfort zone of your usual social circle! So this time around, you'll only find yourself with people you haven't yet met face-to-face here at the musebox. Canonmates and RP mates are fine, but NOT if you've actually met with them here. This is aaaaall about making new friends (or something more), so get out there and be social!

Also, no gender restrictions this time around. Single friends need company on V-Day, too, k. Or just someone to sympathize with them on how stupid this holiday is. ♥]

EDIT: No idea wtf the comments were screened for. o_O; Fixed.

[Jill] when you're such a pretty mess
Glance; profile, Thinking about that
[Cold weather? What cold weather? The athletic ignore this.

Jill's made her fourth jogging lap around the outskirts of this place when she stops to break, resting against the back of a bench. She's panting slightly and her hairline's damp despite the low temperature, but she looks to be in good state and spirit--the former partially because she has good friends and bruises aren't fun to keep.

Between the snow finally melting and her dissatisfaction with staying indoors most of the time hitting its limit, it didn't take her long to get out and active again--but now she's content with resting where she is, her head reclined skyward as she catches her breath.]

[ooc; as a note, the thread with Wesker will be locked between these two because I like it better when no one comes to her rescue. Other than that, why not, this thing's open. HI POTENTIAL IN-LAWS 8D]

[RANDOM] My musical knowledge is not wide enough for me to attempt a FST.
ShadowSonic; pwned
Everyone totes remembers The Family, right? If you don't, I AM DISAPPOINT. Well. As an official notice,

It now has a theme song.Collapse )

Oh, yeah. |D

And apologies to those who despise the HEAD-BANGING, SCREAMING music that I love so much and to those who find Avenged Sevenfold scary, but you have to admit anyway that it is awesome. 8|

Don't lie.

Don't deny.

Don't be hatin'.

[Lloyd] Waitin' on a friend--I mean. Some other relevant header goes here.
The self-taught soldier.
[In a not-so-remote corner of this place can be found what looks like an outdoor workshop of sorts: several tables, an old-style kiln, stacks of wood, a couple different saws, sharpening stones, the basic tools that any blacksmith or carpenter would be content with having are all arranged in this area.

Seated at the workbench under an arched overhang is Lloyd, preoccupied with his task at hand--which, at the moment, is studying a bladeless hilt as he turns it over in his fingers thoughtfully. Leaning over, he pokes at the fire in the oven to make it flare before returning to the tools scattered over his workspace.

His own swords are leaning against a nearby wall where he left them, ignored for the time being.

Has anyone ever seen him so concentrated on something? Probably not.]
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[Free for all] Clichés have their charm.
Dorky!Peter is love.
[You may or may not notice a change around this place, or whatever "place" it is you generally find yourself in. Aside from an abundance of Christmas decorations, treats, and a pretty much endless snowfall outside, in every~ single~ doorway~ now hangs some harmless mistletoe, to get you all in the holiday spirit.

...Or. Maybe not so harmless.

Because if you walk into--or come close enough to get pulled into--one of these doorways? You're not walking back out. Not without a catch. You'll find yourself stuck in this doorway until someone else comes along and gets stuck with you--and the only way to get unstuck?

Three guesses. The first two don't count.

Of course, you could always choose not to give in, if you're honestly that shy anal much of a scrooge; but besides any and all powers having absolutely no effect on the mistletoe, the doorway, or any means of escape, you'll find that the temperature starts to drop rapidly the longer you stand there. If it's normally a nice 70 degrees? Within half an hour, it hits 30.

If you still choose to man up and take that much, though--well. Something will happen; you'll just have to find out what firsthand. For the record, however, we recommend just kissing the other person.

And there is a little mercy in the world: only members of the opposite gender will be stuck together. No having to worry about choosing between pride and survival, at least. Sorry, Sync. No getting stuck with Luke and using it as an excuse to beat him up when he can't get away. |D]

Glance; profile, Thinking about that
[Pertaining to this lovely, lovely announcement.

And this. 83]


[...Why... is she P-30'd. B|

Having to deal with the prospect of being Wesker's partner again was bad enough. But wryyyyyy this.

An inaudible sigh as she speaks to herself.]
Can't say I didn't see this coming.


[Free For All] Cookin' Up A Double-Batch Of Trouble XD
The Secret Ingredient. :3

[This, here, is an innocent, unassuming kitchen. It could be found pretty much anywhere—an inn somewhere on Terca Lumireis, a particularly nice house in Konoha, an abandoned restaurant on modern-day Earth, the school kitchen at a certain magical (or cursed~?) boarding school…anywhere.

It’s a very well-equipped kitchen: it has plenty of counter space, at least one top-of-the-line stove and state-of-the-art oven, with a well-stocked fridge in one corner and a huge, walk-in pantry crammed full of all sorts of food in another. The cabinets are full of plates, pots, pans, cutting boards, colanders, cheese-graters, anything and everything you could possibly want. The drawers in the counters are the same, full of normal utensils like forks, spoons, knives, and spatulas, as well as more…specific items, like pastry blenders and turkey basters. There’s also a bookcase against one wall, chock-full of all sorts of recipe books.

And best of all, this kitchen is open, empty, and 100% free for anyone to use. :]b ]

[……So git yo’self in thar rite nao an’ make me some pie. |3 Especially you, Luke.]


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