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Character musings

...or something like it.

Phase's Character Musings
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transgenic [trans-jen-ik] adjective: of, pertaining to, or containing a gene or genes transferred from another species.

prose [prohz] noun: the ordinary form of spoken or written language, without metrical structure, as distinguished from poetry or verse

Welcome to TransgenicProse, the musebox and playpen for a variety of muses belonging to its_game_time and whatever RPing buddies she's managed to reel in.

Premise: Muses find themselves suddenly trapped in a large town providing everything they could need, and more besides: a multi-storied dormitory for living, stores for food and clothing and other items, a large library, gym, recreational areas -- anything they could want is probably here (with the exception of a way out), and if it's not, then it may suddenly pop up one day with no indication of how it came to be. The town does like to randomly rearrange itself overnight. Pieces of locations from characters' worlds may be featured, allowing them to wander around duplicates of a familiar city or setting, but these, too, may change at random.

Naturally, a free way of living isn't necessarily free. Odd events will randomly occur -- events that range from some unknown entity simply having a laugh at a character's expense to brutally testing their physical and psychological boundaries. But hey, at least they're not alone.

What this means: Simply put, TP is a laidback, anything-goes setting for any character you want to bring in. There are no activity checks, no applications, no obligations. Is your character already in a public game? Feel free to "update" them by having them leave TP and then come back, fresh with the knowledge of any recent events -- or, because we don't ask questions, just simplify things and update them at any given time.

Players are free to start any player-run plots, memes, or events of their choosing (so long as, y'know, we keep in mind that there are some minors present). Alternatively, logs and threads that don't have a place anywhere else -- such as those meant to take place in canon or past games -- can also be hosted here. The aim of this game is to provide a fun place for tossing in muses, building random CR, and just having some plain ol' RP fun without the pressure of deadlines or public-game drama.

So, once you're a part of the family, feel free to jump on in. Optionally, there's an introduction post for new arrivals, which provides a little more information on the TransgenicProse setting -- but where you start is up to you. Bottom line is, have fun!

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